MoD reject claims carriers will not have sufficient crew

The Ministry of Defence have rejected claims that Britain risks not being able to crew its new supercarriers.

HMS Defender prepares for Middle East deployment

The destroyer will spend nine months in the Middle East after taking over from sister ship HMS Duncan.

British-French Task Force evacuate Corsica

A combined British and French naval fleet off Corsica used their helicopters and landing craft to evacuate civilians to safety.

Britain arrests Indian fishermen

It has been reported that as many as 23 Indian fishermen have been arrested after trespassing on Diego Garcia earlier in the month.

Work begins in preparation for new Trident submarines

Work has started at a shipyard in Barrow-in-Furness as part of a £300m investment in preparation for the UK's next generation of Trident missile submarines.

Irish vessel rescues more than 100 migrants

Irish Naval Service patrol ship Samuel Beckett has rescued more than 100 migrants off the Libyan coast today.

Anchors aweigh, HMS Queen Elizabeth in anchor tests

The anchors on Britain's new supercarrier have been tested for the first time.

HMS Westminster back in the water

HMS Westminster has returned to the water after an 11 month refit at Portsmouth Naval Base.

British frigate crew refurbish Indian school

HMS Richmond's crew has repaired a school in India while deployed in the region.

HMS Ambush returns home

Astute class submarine HMS Ambush has completed her first operational deployment and returned home to the Clyde.



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