Cost of Type 45 Destroyer fix revealed

The cost of fixing the propulsion issues on the Type 45 Destroyer fleet has been revealed.

Babcock favourite for of £360m warship support deal

Babcock is expected to become the Marine Systems Support Partner for the new Queen Elizabeth class carriers and Type 45 Destroyer fleet.

RFA Tidespring arrives home, new tanker arrives in UK for customisation work

The first of the new Tide class tankers, RFA Tidespring, has arrived in Cornwall for customisation a year later than planned.

Type 26 Frigate ‘much more than an ASW platform’

At LIMA 2017, Commander UK Maritime Forces Rear Admiral Alex Burton described the Type 26 Frigate and its range of capabilities in a bid to talk the vessel up to Australian officials.

RFA Tidespring to finally arrive home

More than a year late, Royal Fleet Auxiliary tanker RFA Tidespring will dock in Falmouth this weekend on April 1st.

F-35 simulator flights begin in preparation for trials on HMS Queen Elizabeth

The bespoke £2M simulator facility offers a 360-degree immersive experience for F-35 pilots to fly the jet to and from HMS Queen Elizabeth.

HMS Ocean reportedly offered for sale to Brazil

According to local media in Brazil, the Ministry of Defence have offered HMS Ocean for sale to the South American country.

UK and France launch joint missile project to replace Harpoon, Exocet, Storm Shadow and...

Harriett Baldwin and her French counterpart have signed an agreement to explore future long range weapons for the British and French Navies and Air Forces.

HMS Montrose welcomes crew on board, frigate soon to escort HMS Queen Elizabeth

HMS Montrose welcomed crew back on board after a complex refit and will escort HMS Queen Elizabeth to the US to begin F-35 trials next year.

HMS Dauntless has cost £4.6 million in ships company pay alone while tied-up alongside

A response to a Freedom of Information revealed the costs associated with HMS Dauntless while the vessel is tied up alongside in Portsmouth.



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