HMS Defender in £5 million drug seizure

HMS Defender intercepted a suspect fishing dhow in the Gulf before the Royal Marine boarding team discovered 51 bales of drugs, each weighing 20kg.

Cameron denies MoD can’t fund new ships for Royal Navy

David Cameron has rejected claims that a Royal Navy shipbuilding programme has been delayed because the Ministry of Defence has “run out of money”.

No, Trident isn’t being secretly upgraded

Some news sources have been reporting that Britain has been ‘secretly’ developing a more destructive Trident warhead, it isn't.

Russian submarine intercepted by HMS Kent

The Russian submarine was picked up by the British military in the North Sea yesterday and is now being escorted by frigate HMS Kent.

Type 26 delay could mean more work for the Clyde

It has been suggested at a meeting of the Defence Select Committee that a potential delay in the Type 26 Frigate could see more vessels built on the Clyde.

UK plans to strengthen measures against migrants arriving by sea

The Border Force and Royal Navy are expected jointly to patrol the channel amid fears more migrants will try and use the route to enter Britain.

HMS Ocean deploys for NATO exercise in Baltic Sea

HMS Ocean

Fleet Flagship HMS Ocean has deployed to take part in a huge multinational NATO exercise in the Baltic Sea.

Aircraft carrier support centre nearing completion

A new centre containing facilities to support the new aircraft carriers is nearing completion at Portsmouth Naval Base.

UK to send second warship to Libya

Britain is to send another warship to the Mediterranean to target arms traffickers in Libya.

United Kingdom considers laser Phalanx

The Ministry of Defence is taking a major step toward fielding a directed energy weapon in the form of a laser Phalanx.



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