Crane collapses beside new Tanker, minor delay expected

The crane in the process of being dismantled when it collapsed, luckily no one was injured and RFA Tidespring was not hit.

Royal Navy escorts Russian submarine through English Channel

HMS Somerset has shadowed a Russian submarine as it passed through the English Channel.

US Navy nuclear submarine departs Faslane

A US Navy Los Angeles class attack submarine has visited Faslane in a routine stop-off.

HMS Queen Elizabeth to arrive in Portsmouth by autumn

HMS Queen Elizabeth is expected to sail into Portsmouth Harbour this autumn, Defence secretary Michael Fallon has said.

£1bn nuclear attack submarine HMS Audacious launched

HMS Audacious, the fourth of seven Astute class attack submarines, has been launched BAE Systems at its site in Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria.

Israel to purchase 13 new naval guns from the US in $440m deal

The US State Department has approved the sale to Israel of thirteen 76mm Naval Guns and associated technical support.

Shipborne air-to-air refuelling capability ‘being explored’ for Queen Elizabeth carriers

Options, seemingly including shipborne air-to-air refuelling, to augment the capabilities of the Queen Elizabeth carriers in future are currently being explored by the MoD.

Royal Navy Destroyer enters the Black Sea

HMS Daring has sailed through the Bosphorus Straight and into the Black Sea, a move described by Russian media as 'clear provocation'.

MBDA contracted to support Sea Viper weapon system on the Type 45 Destroyer fleet

MBDA has received a £175 million contract from the MoD for further 'In-Service Support' to the Sea Viper weapon system.

Fire strikes Type 45 Destroyer HMS Dragon

A fire has struck HMS Dragon, however crew extinguished the blaze before any damage was done.



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