Russian carrier group transits English channel

A Russian aircraft carrier battle group has passed through through the English Channel later this month.

Meet the Dreadnought class, new nuclear submarines named

The Defence Secretary has announced that the lead boat and class name for the Royal Navy's new nuclear submarines will be Dreadnought.

HMS Ocean visits Egypt

HMS Ocean is the first major UK warship to visit the Egyptian port of Alexandria in over 8 years.

MoD paid £100 million premium on new patrol ships

It is understood that the Ministry of Defence paid an extra £100 million for new Offshore Patrol vessels in order to satisfy a requirement...

British Frigate intercepts Russian carrier group off Scotland

HMS Richmond, a Type 23 frigate, is escorting the Russian carrier group which is understood to be heading to the Mediterranean Sea.

Type 31 Frigate cost expected to exceed £350 million

A Briefing Paper has indicated that the Type 31 Frigate programme is expected by industry to exceed previously estimated costs.

Supercarrier’s first squadron ‘refreshed, refocused, remarinised’

820 Naval Air Squadron is focused on providing the first aviation component for HMS Queen Elizabeth when she leaves Rosyth next year.

Type 26 Frigate build will not begin until April ‘at the earliest’

A Briefing Paper has estimated that the Type 26 Frigate will not begin until April 2017 at the earliest.

Russian carrier group to transit English Channel

Russia is expected to send an aircraft carrier battle group through the English Channel later this month.

Britain forced to send landing ship to hunt arms traffickers

Landing ship RFA Mounts Bay is patrolling the Mediterranean to counter illegal arms traffickers, a task usually performed by a frigate or destroyer. RFA Mounts...



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