HMS Mersey escorts Russian ships through English Channel

HMS Mersey escorted a number of Russian vessels in the English Channel over the bank holiday weekend.

Type 31 Frigate order reportedly increased, vessels to be assembled in Scotland

BAE Systems and Babcock International are expected to bid against each other for a £2bn contract for six Type 31 Frigates.

HMS Torbay arrives in Gibraltar despite Spanish protests

Nuclear submarine HMS Torbay has docked in Gibraltar and has been welcomed by locals amid repeated Spanish naval incursions.

IN PICTURES: HMS Queen Elizabeth flight deck just about finished, supercarrier almost ready to...

Images obtained by the UK Defence Journal show the flight deck of HMS Queen Elizabeth just about finished with the vessel planned to sail on sea trials next month.

IN PICTURES: HMS Medway starting to look shipshape on the Clyde

HMS Medway is a River class offshore patrol vessel under-construction on the Clyde, we’ve taken a closer look.

Royal Navy training for gas tanker bomb attacks

The Royal Navy has been preparing to counteract a potential terrorist attack on LNG carrying tankers for the last two years, according to industry news website OilPrice.

Five ships to be permanently based in Bahrain

The MoD have outlined basing plans for the British Naval base in Bahrain.

Type 31 Frigates may ‘permanently operate’ in Gulf and Pacific

The information regarding plans for the Type 31 Frigate comes to light in a speech by Admiral Sir Philip Jones.

Australian Canberra class ships may have design faults

The RAN has now confirmed HMAS Adelaide will no longer participate in next month's planned Talisman Sabre exercises with the United States, and says it is too early to say whether HMAS Canberra will also be able to take part.

Rolls-Royce to supply MT30 Gas Turbines to next three Korean Daegu-class frigates

Rolls-Royce has won a contract to supply MT30 marine gas turbines to power the next three ships in the Republic of Korea Navy’s Daegu-class frigate programme.



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