A 66 person Short Term Training Team (STTT) from No 5 RAF Force Protection Wing deployed from RAF Lossiemouth to Nigeria for a 6 week period to train the Nigerian Air Force Regiment.

According to a press release, the focus of the STTT is to deliver a training package which enables students to operate effectively in the Complex Air Ground Environment (CAGE) by understanding their role to provide security and Force Protection operations both inside and outside an Air base.

“This forms a key part of a layered defence system; deterring and defeating an enemy away from the airfield whilst also assuring internal security of a base. Additionally, Commissioned and Non-Commissioned officers will be given the opportunity to enhance their tactical leadership and planning skills, whilst the Junior Airmen and Airwomen build on the skills they learned during basic training.”

Nigerian Chief of the Air Staff, Air Marshal Sadique Abubakar said

“Given the importance of bases in the airpower delivery matrix, it is not inconceivable to expect our adversaries to target our airbases.  As a matter of fact, we have had an attack on one of our airbases in the recent past, and current intelligence reports keep highlighting the possibility of attacks on our bases.  All these reinforce the need to emplace a robust base defence concept that is capable of providing guidance for responding to a wide range of situations that may threaten our bases”

Officer Commanding 5 FP Wing, Wing Commander John Rees said;

“We are delighted to be here again and, as always, humbled by the warmth of the Nigerian welcome.  We are proud of our Royal Air Force heritage and the opportunity to represent our service in the Defence Engagement arena.”

Imagery and quotes via the Ministry of Defence.

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