MPs will decide later whether to back UK air strikes in Syria against militants from Islamic State.

A 10 hour House of Commons debate will culminate in a vote on whether the UK should join the US, France, Russia and others bombing targets in Raqqa, the group’s stronghold, and other areas.

UK Prime Minister David Cameron says IS is a threat to Britain’s security.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn opposes bombing but has given MPs a free vote amid divisions within his own ranks.

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Bryan Holden
5 years ago
Danny Miller
5 years ago
John Seddon
5 years ago

If UK technology and surveillance equipment fitted to our fighters helps reduce civilian deaths; then UK decision to send in RAF is a good decision. Now; it is well known that Syrian and Russian fighter jets are targeting all civilians which oppose Assad, i.e. the majority of civilians who are left ( ~250,000 killed so far); RAF should target Syrian and Russian jets to stop the slaughter. Suggest high precision earth quake bombs are used to annihilate Assad’s airfields and HQ, and declare ‘No Fly Zone over Syria.

Michael Gough
5 years ago

what John Seddon said