The public vote for the RAF image of the year has started, the public can now choose one of nine contenders through a dedicated website.

Images of the F-35 and the Red Arrows are among the images selected by judges from 645 submitted by RAF personnel.

Vote here:

Royal Photographic Society President Walter Benzie said:

“I’m full of envy because we’ve been seeing some superb photographs taken in situations and positions that normally ordinary photographers never get the opportunity to access.”

Photographer Emma Cattell said:

“In a very male dominated arena it’s nice to see that 42% of photographers in the RAF are women.”

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5 years ago

Great pictures.

I can’t decide between ‘money in the bank’ and ‘crossover’ both are really cool pictures.

Ian Parkinson
Ian Parkinson
5 years ago
Reply to  Steve

Crossover for me!
Almost perfect Juxta Position, in reflecting elements 75yrs apart.

5 years ago
Reply to  Ian Parkinson

Ok i give you that, and the picture of the chinook offloading troops whilst mid air off the side of a mountain makes any other chinook picture look like childs play.

Just a shame these pictures aren’t downloadable in decent quality for desktop wallpapers.