Scottish National Party politician Douglas Chapman has claimed that 77th Brigade are “attacking and undermining” people in Scotland.

Essentially, it is being claimed that the British Army are engaged in operations online against British citizens, there has however been no proof offered that this is actually happening.

In a now deleted Tweet, Douglas Chapman MP posted:

77th Brigade specialise in “non-lethal” forms of psychological warfare, using social media including Facebook and Twitter to fight with information in response to external factors, like Russian misinformation.

Their target is Russian propaganda, propaganda that is notably very active around NATO troops deployed to the Baltics alleging that the soldiers there are criminals and rapists. The point of units like 77th Brigade is to counter this kind of threat.

Russia is at the forefront of information warfare in the modern age, utilising an array of organisations and strategies to spread disinformation to further national strategy but how are they doing it?

The flood of inaccurate stories is so strong that both NATO and the European Union have established special offices to identify and refute disinformation.

The most effective instrument in this effort appears to be Russia Today. The organisation has been frequently described as a propaganda outlet for the Russian government and media regulator Ofcom has repeatedly found RT to have breached rules on impartiality, and of broadcasting “materially misleading” content.

In the paper ‘Computational Propaganda in Russia: The Origins of Digital Misinformation’ Sergey Sanovich argues that the digital propaganda of the Russian government seeks to insulate Putin’s leadership from any domestic challengers and aid in his foreign policy ventures, which increasingly sets Russian interests off against the West.

“It’s argued that Russia could be on a mission to restore its Soviet or imperial glory and to prevent liberal democratic values from taking root in the Russian political system. 

Yet the tools used are precisely the ones developed in the most internationally competitive part of the Russian economy that emerged during the liberal 1990s and (until recently) was not subject to heavy-handed interventions by the government: the online media and tech sector.”

The paper concludes that the fact that bots and trolls thrive in the low-trust, anything goes, prove-it-on-the-spot environment. People share sensational and alarmist headlines without much verification more often on social media than any other medium.

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Well some news outlet really needs to ask him for proof then and then publicly berate him when he reveals he just felt it in his bones… Why are politicians allowed to get away with blatant misinformation and lies?


We have prime examples in Johnson & Trump. They’ve set a very high standard for getting away with lies.


Indeed, I was alluding to those. Particularly Boris as Trump is technically out of our remit, although our correspondents could do more to call him out on the bizarre claims he makes. In fact I would like to see a law brought in for the UK which bans politicians from telling outright lies that they full well know are untrue. There would have to be some leeway in order to protect people from genuine mistakes or potentially during wartime etc but knowingly lying should be an offence if you are in public office or are campaigning to be in public… Read more »


Could not agree more!

Aethelstan the Curious

An offence of,”Lying in Elected public office,” I like that, even the admission would be enough.


I think I disagree. Politicians of all stripes have been bending the truth since the beginning of politics. The first (I think) US war against Spain was based on a False Flag claim backed up by an unwitting media, over the never proven claim the Spanish attacked a US ship. Bill Clinton didn’t have “sexual relations” with Monika Lewinski and only “fessed” up years later during a national prayer breakfast.(he still won the election) Tony Blair, a highly intelligent and experienced QC somehow didn’t realise the “dodgy dossier” wasn’t kosher and knew nothing about anything: “honest guv”. Obama claimed he… Read more »


The fact that we lie is irrelevant. People in public office should not lie. People running for public office should not lie to get votes. Simple. Many people are homophobic, racist and sexist. We should demand more of our politicians. Lots of people are corrupt yet we have laws to help prevent corrupt politicians.

Also claiming that we should do nothing about it because politicians have lied in the past is a very odd argument.


Unfortunately things are not that black and white. It is the shades of grey that cause the problems. Look at the Brexit vote. Simple vote, leave or remain in the eu. Majority votes leave, cue endless hair splitting by politicians who do not want to respect the vote. What did they mean by leave? Do they want a hard leave or soft leave? Etc. Lying is not so much the issue, it’s the pretence of honour and honesty that causes problems. When people believe politicians act with integrity and honesty is when things start to go south. On a separate… Read more »


Indeed. Many people voted to leave based on lies (350 million per week) and misinformation (lies about EU rules etc) however other votes were based on opinion. So yes lies are absolutely black and white. You can verify this so it is pretty simple. However opinions are the grey area. I am not suggesting politicians be punished by law for having an incorrect opinion, that would be dumb and unworkable. It is however very simple to prove someone is outright lying. I mean Boris recently claimed EU rules were hampering British kipper suppliers. He was lying and had to know… Read more »

Pilot Studd

You do understand the 350 million pound was not a lie and has even been proved in court it was not a lie. In 2015, every-week we gave the EU 379 Million a week of which 1/3 we got back in the rebate however that money still went off to Brussels, it is possible that the public would never see that tax money again. We didn’t vote for a deal we voted to leave


I agree 100%!

peter french

Oh dear another loopy SNP idiot engaging in a project fear to arouse the Clans .
I dont know why Defence Journal gives coverage to noise like this unless it has ambitions to market a weekly Comic Book featuring Jock Desperate Dan waving his cudgel at the devious English, Would be amusing I suppose

Daniele Mandelli

I guess UKDJ is exposing stupidity for what it is.

If it is exposed it can then be challenged, rather than left to continue unchecked.

Fraser MacKintosh

I do not know any loopy unionist idiots could you let us know if there are any.


Oh dear, more ‘Scots hate English’ fakery..



why would you not think this is the case the ukgov hub in edinburgh is staffed with 3000 civil servants many engaged on the rebuttal of posts shoiwing the true state of the scottish economy one only has to examine the posts on twitter from obvious troll or bot accounts spouting unionist propoganda!!


You don’t need proof to make wild accusations these days. Social media is dragging society backwards in some ways.
Politicians are the utter pits.

Michael Taylor

You are right to point out the quality of the politicians ,on all sides they are the worst lot we have ever had, suppose they will be pointing out next , if they were paid properly we would get better ones.

Geoffrey Roach

The only psychological problems developed in Scotland are, I suspect, in the minds of SNP politicians.The next report out will probably suggest that Brexit is threatening the supply of Mars Bars for their fryers.

Gavin Gordon

How do our politicians ever get to become our ‘representatives’? God help us.


People vote them in…

Gavin Gordon

Mmm -but the selection process – ?


Anyone can run for being an MP… The problem is people vote for parties not for the particular MP. So there are people that will only vote conservative or only vote labour etc. The fact the MP (or even the leader) is a moron is not an issue to those people they will vote for their party no matter what.

Gavin Gordon

Hello again, Lee – must be a long weekend. Yes, just rhetorical; but thanks anyway.


We have the same in the US , but when you have corrupt thieves running like Hillary Clinton,people just vote for the lesser of two evils. Now the Democrats want to run socialists with free everything who would bankrupt the country with their ideas. I can tell you the average man or woman who works for a living won’t vote for them. Perhaps politics has become so brutal and corrupt the average person doesn’t want to enter the cesspool. I have been asked to run at a local level and said no thank you. Why would I want to make… Read more »

Meirion X

I recommend reading, ‘This Is Not Propaganda’ by Peter Pomarantsev, on the issue of trolls etc of which we also run into on this site regularly.

Steve Salt

Fruit loop !

Levi Goldsteinberg

SNP. Low hanging fruit, I’d be ashamed of them if I were Scottish and I feel sorry for the Scottish people who are dealt a disservice by these muppets


Don’t suppose 77th Brigade are allowed to sue for slander, so easy target by SNP.
In other news from the SNP, the earth is flat, the moon is made of cheese, mobile phones are cooking your brain, 9/11 didn’t happen, etc etc ?‍♂️

How about everybody on here flagging this to Twitter as being false news?…


How very dare you, the moon IS made of cheese! I saw a very good documentary with those great in-depth reporters Wallace & Gromit going there to research it.
What chills me is the way the BBC has gone from world leading trusted(but never perfect) to actively pushing its own narrow agenda in so many areas. And we have to pay for the privilege of their bias.


If its written then it would be libel, slander is verbal


So this guy should be hauled before parliament to account for himself and expelled if found guilty

Unfortunately it is individuals like this person who are really undermining democracy and responsible for the public losing trust in politicians


The lunatics now have the keys to the front gate. It is only a matter of time before they overrun the compound. The handcart to hell is now taking bookings. One way obviously. Sleep well all.

Andrew Morgon

If you think that the British security services aren’t targeting the independence movement you’re astonishingly naive.


Why are politicians allowed to get away with blatant misinformation and lies?

Would serving under an illegitimate monarchy go some way to explaining that?