Personal protective equipment (PPE) for healthcare staff has been delivered to RAF Brize Norton for distribution around the country.

Following an agreement between the UK and Turkey, 250,000 items of PPE have been delivered, say the Royal Air Force.

The shipment from Turkey includes 50,000 N-95 face masks; 100,000 surgical masks; and 100,000 protective suits.

Image Crown Copyright 2020.

The delivery by Turkey comes after 37 tonnes of UK aid was supplied by a British C-17 last month to those affected by the crisis on its border with Syria. The UK has also received 60 ventilator units from the German Army, say the MoD.

Defence Secretary Ben Wallace said in a statement:

“The delivery of this vital equipment will bring protection and relief to thousands of critical workers across the UK, as they bravely and tirelessly work to keep us safe. It is also a tribute to the strong bilateral ties with our ally Turkey, and I am immensely grateful for their kind gesture. As NATO Allies we can always depend on each other, whatever the threats we face.”

The supplies will be taken to a regional NHS distribution hub to be delivered to medical centres across the country.

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No politics, no opinion. Simply a heartfelt thank you. Thank you Turkey and thank you Germany.


Provide this article to anyone who opposes the use of foreign aid.


problem with foreign aid it,s not managed right,it,s being wasted on stupid things like getting Chinese people to pack in smoking for crying out loud.When China has nuclear weapons and a space program along with a military bigger than ours,the same applies to India,they cannot afford decent toilets but they have nuclear weapons and a space program,the priorities of some countries are just wrong and foreign aid just encourages that!


Foreign aid is an excellent soft power tool for the benefit of the UK. While it’s quite a lot and badly managed, when it’s used correctly it’s worth the effort and valuable influence and returns for both UK and friendly nations.

Daniele Mandelli

Spot on.


Hi Airborne,

Whilst I’m not opposed to Foreign Aid in principal, I do believe 0.7% GDP – ring-fenced and enshrined into law – is simply way too much considering the other pressures on public finances. 2020 sees 14.6Bn allotted for Foreign Aid which is a staggeringly large amount! It’s 1/3 the entire defence budget! Defence has been underfunded and threadbare for years whilst DFID’s coffers are bloated with money they literally can’t spend quick enough…..

Is Foreign Aid important? – Yes….. 14.6Bn important? Absolutely not!


Totally agree as if the money is used correctly, and utilised in the right way with the specific countries whom we have a good defence engagement with, and who do require it, that amount could be reduced with the same impact. I am all for foreign aid, but it is a crazy amount, and the fact it was made into law was a stupid political stunt. However it will be interesting to see, after we are all in massive debt once more after the on going emergency with COVID, and the country has to lay back what was given out,… Read more »

Daniele Mandelli


I used to be against the amount spent, but changed my mind.

It can be used better, but what a Soft Power tool at the UK’s disposal.

Expand the RFA with DFID money and get duel role vessels.


RFA ships would be an excellent way of justifying spending which has a dual purpose, and for those who are anti defence, and there are a few clueless saddos, it would be hard to argue against. Win win situation.


We could also gift friendly countries Type 31s, paid for with this budget to create a global support network.

You don’t need dual production likes for 5 vessels.


Why? You do realise how many planes we could fill for 14 billion! Thousands and thousands. Too many.


Crayons and cat litter, crayons and cat litter!


Harold have you thanked the RAF for delivering the aid to the southern Turkish border region?


Just what I was about to say, and we delivered 14 billion pounds of aid every single year. I doubt turkey or russia combined don’t get close, a couple full well publicised planes is not allot in the grand scheme of things, welcomed and grateful though. The RAF fly aid globaly almost daily, Respect to them.

Harry Bulpit

Why do you think Russia is delivering aid, since it sure ain’t out of generosity?

Meirion X

I told You before dumbhead, that Russia supplied crap equipment to Italy that Did Not work properly.
Russia does Not even have enough hospital beds for the victims of COVID19. This is seen by the long queues of ambulances outside hospitals in cities of Russia.

This, I think is a consequence of Russia having a real milltary expenditure of at least 15% of GNP, if you include hidden subsidies to the State owned defence Industries.


I am all for Foreign Aid but like most think a lot of it is wasted. For me increasing the foreign office footprint, helping to set up fair trade schemes and providing British made produce should be what this is spent on Imagine if we had spent £1bn pa on ventilators for poor countries over the last 10 years how that would have benefitted everyone, We also leave c.3bn of root crops in the fields each year, surely this can be made into nutritious food and distributed to those who are starving. As a country we are really good at… Read more »

Paul T

Firstly thanks to Turkey for the supply of this vital Equipment,secondly the obvious solution to the Foreign Aid Budget conundrum is to combine it with the Defence Budget,so that in Peacetime the focus could be on Humanitarian Aid,Disaster Relief etc,but when the World Political situation dictates theres more resilience and available Funding to beef up the Countries Miltary – surely a win – win situation.

Daniele Mandelli

Morning Paul. I have read stories to that effect already, How true they are I do not know.


How about a massive thank you for the Russian navy probing our waters when we need our armed forces for a national emergency


Was this a ‘gift’ or a business transaction?