Professor Chris Whitty, an epidemiologist and head of the public health profession, has been harassed by a man accusing him of ‘lying about covid cases’ whilst getting lunch today.

Professor Whitty is Chief Medical Officer for England, the UK government’s Chief Medical Adviser and head of the public health profession.

“Chris is a practising NHS Consultant Physician at University College London Hospitals (UCLH) and the Hospital for Tropical Diseases, and Gresham Professor of Physic at Gresham College.

Chris is an epidemiologist and has undertaken research and worked as a doctor in the UK, Africa and Asia. He was Professor of Public and International Health at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) before becoming CMO.”

There are, in my mind, very worrying security implications here. It would appear the man was able to approach the UK government’s Chief Medical Adviser, something more extreme fringes could easily take advantage of.

Witty has given public lectures outlining his views on tackling current challenges in medicine and public health include over 20 Gresham lectures including on infectious diseases, public health, cancer, cardiovascular diseases and the 2017 Harveian Oration and the Milroy Lecture at the Royal College of Physicians.

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This kind of thing makes my blood boil.


I agree. This ignorant youth should be arrested.


He needs a bloody good hiding


what a W….R


Sorry but I think that individual should be arrested and charged with as may different breaches in law as can be though of by the crown prosecution service. If it turns out he has not broken at least one law, then our law makers need to start working on that. How on earth have we got to a point where individuals who have been provided with a decade of free education and access to information academies would have killed for a century ago not be able to understand that we are in a once in century public health crisis, fighting… Read more »


Jonathan……. his sentence should be to do a weeks work in a COVID 19 ward in teeshirt shorts and flipflop…… as he thinks it’s a lie he will be fine..


Only reading a few days ago about a 40s active denier died of the disease one can only hope it had an effect on his groupie but I fear they will simply claim he was assassinated by those trying to silence him. The madness o& these people is endless and sadly exhibits all the oppression of those they themselves accuse possess. For example the idiots who road blocked the Dodgers stadium where people were being vaccinated, not only want the right not to be vaccinated themselves which they have of course but want the right to take it away from… Read more »

John Clark

Absolutely sums it up Jonathan, these people are just simple fuc*wits, nothing more to it than that…..

Re education and information, absolutely spot on, but you can’t educate Pork, no matter how hard you try….

These delusional fools are reading from the same book as Holocaust deniers….


Yes John, that’s the worry, these idiots are unable to review and process simple information and make appropriate moral decisions. They are are a danger. The fools would burn down the building they are in if l someone they followed told them to”. extremism all types seems to be a bit of a 21 century problem, the internet of all things seems to lead to no sense of of balance.


Not even a remote sign of an offence being committed.
I am rather concerned that so many people think this is even that bad, we have a country of idiots with cell phones doing worse than this every day.


It’s the nature of the offence against the person. Violence and aggression against the person does not always need a physical element. It’s pretty much looked like a Section 4 public order offence as starter.

The Artist Formerly Known As Los Pollos Chicken

So you want people jailed for expressing an opinion in a robust manner? Regardless of whether you have this view or that view or the person is talking bollocks however far out freedom of expression and opinion is the bedrock of any free functioning society. if you want to live in a country where the state dictates what is “truth” and what to believe and if you don’t then they create laws to lock you up? Total shite and 1984 comes to mind. Listen if you want to believe the world is flat or believe in Sharia law and that… Read more »

The Artist Formerly Known As Los Pollos Chicken

Ffs absolute shite i bothered to view it I retract my use of the word “Robust” 😂 a silly dude smiling saying “ your a liar” repeatedly without shouting 🙈 give me f%£@£% strength oh yeah he needs the jail lock him up 25 yrs 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

I get what you’re saying and I don’t think the boy should be getting the jail but its piss poor to harass a guy in the street like that. Not sure if the boy has mental health issues (looks a bit like that to me) but filming it suggests that it was done to show off. I’m not sure I’d have handled it as calmly as The Prof did.


II did not comment on the sentencing or punishment I was talking about prosecution. I’m not a slam them all inside for breathing wrong type person,but he needs to be prosecuted and given a sentence appropriate to the crime.

But verbally assaulting public servants needs to be taken more seriously in this county. We are developing a pick on those who can’t respond culture,especially when it relates to health, public health and social care staff.

Last edited 1 month ago by Jonathan
Andy P

Cool, agree with you. I wasn’t implying that you personally were looking for a public hanging or the like. For clarity, in my opinion nobody should have to put up with crap like that and people using cameras is a cowardly way to carry out this stuff, if Whitty had sparked the boy out on camera he’d have been the ‘baddy’. I’d be delighted if the guy does get lifted for this, whether its for Covid denying or football or just a drunk guy, you don’t have the right to accost people in the street. Having said that, its not… Read more »


Now I have an image in my head of Prof Whitty turning around and popping one on the guys nose. Totally do not condone such actions…..

As far as I’m concerned you can have whatever stupid view you want and you can express that views, wave placards etc, what you can’t do is verbally assault a public employee ( or anyone) when they are either walking down the street or doing their job.

If you don’t like a law write to you MP or stand out side parliament shouting you message. Assaulting a Dr on the street, sorry you should be arrested and charged.

The Artist Formerly Known As Los Pollos Chicken

Well let me tell you that’s exactly what happens Police get abuse and hate on the street for simply doing their job. A sheriff set a precedent in relation to someone who was charged with Breach of the peace for shouting and swearing at Police. He said something along the lines of it should be expected and perfectly understandable that people when they interact with police they get upset and shout and swear at them so in one stroke justified the accused’ s behaviour. So I’m guessing being a cop or paramedic wouldn’t be your idea of a fun job?… Read more »

however calling someone calmly a liar is neither threatening or abusive.”

Really ??? You don’t think repeatedly calling someone a liar is absusive ???? I don’t know what to say to that.

As for ‘engaging’, I maybe didn’t see the whole video but he stopped and put a mask on, arguably containing the anti social behaviour, he had to think on the spot too as I’m pretty sure he wasn’t anticipating being accosted.

Sorry mate, I think you’re way off on this one.

The Artist Formerly Known As Los Pollos Chicken

Sadly we will have to disagree I can’t speak for engerland however I can tell you for a fact calmly calling someone a liar even repeatedly does not constitute a crime here in the old country I don’t think it I know it. I think you need to go look at criminal justice and how it all works. Even if by some fantastical stretch of the imagination he was charged no way it would ever see the inside of a court . It would result in a caution down your way and an RPW up here basically wagging ones finger… Read more »

You can stick with it not being criminal if you want mate, you’re right, I have no idea as its not likely something I’d consider. I’m trying to think of a scenario where I would approach a random in that way. Nope. I’m not one of the ones claiming he should be publicly hanged although I do think his behaviour was totally twattish.

Oh I’m in sunny Scotland too and generally in my limited dealings with the police I’ve found them quite helpful and sympathetic.

The Artist Formerly Known As Los Pollos Chicken

Alas this is common nowadays neds all carry phones and film everything. They film police all the time during simple interactions just to be dicks, I don’t appreciate it and don’t see the need for it but what do you expect when people are now conditioned to be attached to their phone.

there are no scenarios you or any other normal decent person would do such a thing .


Hi Artist, not sure re Scotland but I’m pretty sure in England that would hit the threshold for a section 4 public order offence. The reason I’m a bit sensitive to this is I spent A couple of decades putting up with verbal and physical abuse every day from individuals I was trying to help and could not respond back to the same way. So I know what it’s like to have to stand there and take it from an idiot mere moments after you’ve just seen or had to do some real life or death stuff. I have also… Read more »

Last edited 1 month ago by Jonathan
Andy P

I take my hat off to you Jonathan for doing what you do under difficult circumstances. I used to live with a nurse who told me that they would be sacked if they struck someone attacking them. That was over 20 years ago now and I hope things have changed.


No there is a golden rule, never ever strike back, be that verbally or physically. Even restraining an individual for their safety must be very carefully thought through and must be justified as a last resort, if you get that wrong it’s not great.

That’s why we need the police and crown prosecution service to be very hot and combat this as we cannot.

Andy P

From the outside looking it that just seems like dogma being more important than getting on with the job and protecting the work force. Organisations being dogma driven isn’t unique to the NHS but for some reason this seems particularly crappy. Good luck with it mate.


Andy you got me thinking about why this the case and is it Dogma ? The answer is really complex and maybe a bit of Yes and also No. so the drivers are: Public trust: the public would not trust nurses if we told people what we thought of them or hit them back . They like angles not real people. Organisational risk: Your staff fighting back is a great way for an organisation to be litigated against ( the payout for the ED nurse broke my nose would be high). Also public perception, Most NHS providers cannot stand bad… Read more »

Andy P

Thanks for taking the time to explain your take on it Jonathan. I totally get the ‘game face’ angle of dealing with people that makes sense to me, up to a point. What I feel has no bearing on it but that would be a working environment that I would struggle with. Respect to you and those who do it.

The Artist Formerly Known As Los Pollos Chicken

I agree with everything you said man I just hate that verbal assault term as there is no such thing. An assault is an attack (evil intent not just simple making physical contact) directed to take place on an individual physically whether or not physical actual contact is made not uttering some words s4 public order I’m not sure of ?unless it’s same as a S38 here in Scotland which is basically a breach of the peace Anyways the only point I was making is it’s a slippy slope when folk start wanting people arrested for being a dick which… Read more »

I do get the whole slipper slope thing and my free speech brain completely agrees. I suppose my view is probably obscured by all those people I wish I could have given back what they gave me ( the angry emergency nurse syndrome ….TAENS…I’m patenting that). Its a beast I’m sure our local coppers enjoyed bringing in C/Sed patients just to watch our faces and eyes go redder and redder as we had to do the physical exams. The best one was when this PC Came in looking a bit shall we say “fraught” he goes can you come and… Read more »

The Artist Formerly Known As Los Pollos Chicken

Ha ha yup it seems your experience of these matters from a different angle is universal 😂 no matter what the location or the Ned involved always the same outcome and always the opportunity to gain a wee bit of satisfaction at the expense of those who behave badly 😜

respect 👍🏻💯🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇬🇧

There has to be a line between free speech and all that lies beyond. Sometimes that line is very difficult to define without as you say, lapsing into censorship BUT do you allow a modern day Hitler the right to free speech? My answer is emphatically no. However should Enoch Powell or Nigel Farage or the like be able to debate at Oxford or Cambridge without being insulted and shouted by rowdy students? Absolutely YES. We must remember that such people who destroy the rights of others come from both extremes of the political spectrum. Getting back to the moron… Read more »


I’m all in for freedom of speech, this was not that, this was a verbal assault on a Dr in a public place for doing his job.


Well said and my opinion entirely Jonathan


Hi Geoff, not to turn into a mutual appreciation society, but I also agree with what you said about allowing platforms for people we disagree with, we must fight this developing culture of refusing to listen to those we disagree with. Almost all complex issues don’t actually have a right/wrong answers just compromise and pragmatic solutions that all sides can live with ( after a bit of strong debate and huffery) Brexit is a classic case of it working. The only way to solve these big issues is first remember your human and not all knowing, listen with open ears… Read more »


Ha Jonathan-nothing wrong with a bit of mutual appreciation 🙂 As a child we were in awe of Policemen,anyone from the Church, Headmasters and other such figures of authority. Now things have swung the other way(in some cases not without justification) but also too far-the way some pupils treat their teachers is appalling. When i was a nipper we would get a belt round the ear’ole!! 🙂

The Artist Formerly Known As Los Pollos Chicken

I understand what you are saying however again I need to emphasise being a moron or accusing someone of lying is not and never should be an offence for if it ever were to be that’s a slippy slope indeed and half the country would be guilty. If N.K Russia or China is your societal ambition then good luck with that. Listen nobody on this forum has to listen to folk talking utter shite every day as much as I do. Every day I’m at work I listen to bucketloads of it. I’ve had people shouting at me the virus… Read more »

Mr Whitty took the gig when SAGE weren’t in the public eye, they’ve kind of been thrust into the limelight so I don’t think its fair to be saying he “should grow a set”, would you be saying that if it was a woman, there has been a shift in society that seems to think they have the right to say whatever they like to whoever they like.

The Artist Formerly Known As Los Pollos Chicken

Eh yeah I would Mrs T had a bigger set of balls than most blokes👍🏻 Ah the good ole days when people with 10 clues ran the show 😜

Nah, not for me, whether male or female you shouldn’t have to put up with some random coming up to you and giving you crap and constantly calling you a liar is pretty crappy. The camera being used to intimidate is poor too, it smacks of ‘look at me’ and also its there to prevent the person you’re hassling from retaliating, especially if they’re caught on the hop.

The Artist Formerly Known As Los Pollos Chicken

Andy you need to get out there more often every man and his dog are using camera phones to film every single interaction then posting it on YouTube and FB! I don’t agree with It but this is reality now nobody or nothing is safe😳

Yup and I’ve used my phone to photograph anti social behaviour round my way. Its a great way to let people know they’re actions are accountable. I forward to the police as to post on youtube right enough. I’ve also been in slightly more ‘physical’ confrontations where it wouldn’t occur to me to film. Waving a camera in someone’s face to try and provoke them then whine about it afterwards is just low. While the boy does look like he’s not right in the head, filming it to put on youtube/facebook suggests a ‘look at me’ aspect rather than any… Read more »

The Artist Formerly Known As Los Pollos Chicken

I never said I condoned it I just said it’s not criminal big difference but I think this ones been done to death so to speak😃

I here you, but I’d still be calling the police if someone did that to me, especially if I was in a position which meant I could not turn around and give it back. Also we have to be careful about the public life domain thing He is a Dr working as a Dr, the pandemic had forced him into the public light as part of his job. He is not a politician or a celebrity who as part of the compact expect individual scrutiny and to answer in the court of public opinion. i spent many 10s of years… Read more »

The Artist Formerly Known As Los Pollos Chicken

Oh I agree with you on that front it’s sad common decency and respect have gone out the window and basically today’s generation think they can do and act any %€£@& way they like. But that’s the reality of today.

my point is people should be allowed to express opinions not target abuse . I just want to remain in a free society for as long as possible

and I like lobbing handgrenades 😜

Thanks Tafcalpc! There are more important things to worry about nowadays I agree but sad to see the decline in civility but again that is the way of History-we wander through from dictatorship to anarchy to dictatorship with periods in between of mild sanity!! 🙂

The Artist Formerly Known As Los Pollos Chicken


john melling

Guess the kid may want to look at today figures:

16, 840 new cases and 1449 deaths

These left-wing, covid denying, anti vaxer loonies make me sick


they are not all left wing – many on the right as well


Indeed if anything I thought the majority are on the right, certainly are in the US but in reality they are just on the fringes of civilisation I guess.


Um I don’t think covid denying, anti vaccination is related to any particular political spectrum. Most are just very ill informed or if it politically driven it tends to be focused more on to ultra Libertarians or nutty anti government no one should tell me what to do ( but actual if I am dying in a ditch please save me ) types.

Very much agree on the whole making sick front ( in-fact anti vacc’s types literally make us all sick).


Doubt whether he passed ‘numbers’ in school!


Horrible example of British youth. Not only is he wrong he also can’t speak English. Throw the book at him.

However for every single person like him there are hundreds of fantastic young people, many of them in the Armed Forces.

Just heard Capt Sir Tom Moore has died. What a wonderful man, RIP.


Will we see an 11pm transfer deadline summary? UKDJ is definitely diversifying with its news


Well to be fair bio security is a fundamental of defence, public health systems were developed to ensure there were alway healthy recruits for field armies to turn into infectious disease statistics.

football on the other hand….that never killed hundreds of thousands of soldiers.


Yes. GCHQ and the new Space initiatives are all related to defence of U.K. and her citizens and fair game here so why not the UK’s defence against pandemics? This has I hope been a real wake up call with most experts in the field saying there is a very high likelihood that this is not a once-in-a-generation event and that most of us we will probably see another pandemic during our lifetime, perhaps not as bad but also possible that the next one could be even worse. In the same way that the U.K. has started to put some… Read more »


too many youths with the i know everything attitude because i saw the truth on the internet.Couple that with teachers who teach their own version of events instead of telling the truth and this is the society we now have,the sad thing is these idiots will one day end up running our country


Nah, not teachers. Uni lecturers yes but teachers are ridden hard against the curriculum. They don’t teach their own versions

John Clark

I would have to agree Damo, teachers are absolutely tied to the curriculum. Two friends of mine are department heads and zero latitude is given to actually ‘teach a subject’. Today, schools are examination factories, not teaching subjects, but inverting the whole process and teaching how to pass a specific exam only, any real understanding of the subject in question is entirely incidental! Our universities unfortunately are bastions of Left wing politics and indoctrination. Nothing new there though, but this traditional left wing ethos is today compounded by an almost religious woke mindset, fanned and amplified by social media ….… Read more »


John, when you talk on subjects that you know about, you come across as quite sensible. When you start commenting on education in schools, colleges and universities you are only repeating urban myths. To suggest that our universities are bastions of left wing politics is just plain silly. I have been involved with college and university education for nearly half my life and I do not recognise the picture that you, and other badly informed punters, paint of it. Engaging with politics is all part of the academic experience….it promotes intellectual growth and is an essential part in developing the… Read more »

John Clark

Well Herodotus, it’s another one we won’t see eye to eye on…..!

Still, healthy debate and all that.

My information comes from two department heads, both currently working in university education, but previously in secondary education.

They tell me that the education system is very much the tail wagging the dog these days.

There is a ‘world’ of difference in teaching a subject, to teaching exam pass classes unfortunately. The whole thing is becoming increasingly pointless and irrelevant.

That’s their jaundiced take on 30 years in various areas of the education system, I happen to agree.


You wouldn’t debate the efficacy of a welding technique with Gunbuster. Why do you think that your particular view of education trumps mine. There are lots of issues around secondary education up to GCSE that need looking at. Target setting by the department of education and league tables can be very divisive for some schools. Teacher workload can be absolutely horrendous and is a major reason for high staff turnover. The education system is under severe strain and is in urgent need of review. Most teachers are very competent at teaching their subjects as well as getting their students to… Read more »

Andy P

Bit disappointed John hasn’t come back to take apart this post, I had the popcorn on standby too….


You are easily entertained in that case!


Such a troublemaker….. is it sweet, salted or toffee popcorn?


He has far more self control than I could ever e hi it that’s for sure. Don’t know if this moron is a true flat earthier or just a an idiot wanting to draw a response that can make him famous for 15 minutes. Sooner or later as we saw with the two women in the Far East something decidedly Nasty will be the result one day.


What an appalling young man. I note that several right wing conspiracy websites are pumping out false information and that the comments column of that nasty little rag the Daily Mail is full of them. I was shocked too when reading the vitriol thrown at Captain Sir Tom Moore and his family by these idiots. The poor chap passed away today aged 100 years. I hope they are pleased with themselves.


So now the operative word is “harassment” not “protest”?

When it is harassment and when is it protest?

“There are, in my mind, very worrying security implications here. It would appear the man was able to approach the UK government’s Chief Medical Adviser”

So everyone can be harassed except so called civil service. Interesting privilege.

It is indeed harassment. But better to start calling it all the time this happen and make no exceptions.


Mr Allinson I think it is great you put this out there. Nobody needs this kind of name calling. It isn’t free speech but bullying. I hope the CMO gets close protection from now on.

Well done again.


Yep. No individual should be subject to abuse for doing their job. Be it the chief medical officer or a nurse in ED. The public can hold politicians to account, that’s the point of democracy. They can also challenge public bodies, that is what complaints processes and the courts are for. Individual employees are not there to be abused ( and that’s in any industry). in my younger years I worked in a shop and got some abuse. Which showed clearly what some people think of others and their own importance. Then I became a public servant/nurse and realised a… Read more »

Daniele Mandelli

Regardless of the actions of this pratt, the Professor is a member of SAGE, who have other defence and security related responsibilities beyond Covid. This was why HMG were reluctant to publish the groups membership months back until the media wanted to be judge and jury and forced the issue.

So this does have security implications.


This kid is an embarrassment. But there are millions misinformed pandemic deniers thinking the same thing. Stupid is contagious. Ain’t no cure for stupid.


Free speech – you may not like what you hear but you must hear it.

“Once a government is committed to the principle of silencing the voice of opposition, it has only one way to go, and that is down the path of increasingly repressive measures, until it becomes a source of terror to all its citizens and creates a country where everyone lives in fear.” – Harry Truman