Force Protection personnel from RAF Honington recently carried out an Operational Capability Demonstration utilising Remotely Piloted Air Systems to enhance Force Protection at RAF Akrotiri, say the MoD. 

The FP Centre’s RPAS Team have been issued with a provisional Categorisation for Class 1(b) MIL RPAS to operate on all RAF Units day and night. In doing so they are one of the 1st in Defence to be authorised for operation in this class.

WO Galloway said:

“RAF Akrotiri was a challenging Complex Air and Ground Environment to operate a new system within, however we perfectly demonstrated how using novel technologies can have direct impact as Force Multipliers”

According to a news release, an RAF Police dog handler and members of 34 Sqn RAF Regiment were involved in the trial as they are currently providing FP support to RAF Akrotiri.

“The RPAS provides the Quick Reaction Force (QRF) commander with a live picture of the battlespace and incident, vastly improving his situational awareness before he briefs his section to move and restrain the intruder.  This positive identification of an individual or threat can swiftly bring an incident to a close, allowing the air commander to maintain air operations unhindered.”

Deputy Squadron Commander No. 34 Sqn RAF Regiment Flt Lt Tom Wardell said:

“The RPAS is an excellent rapidly deployable capability for the FP Force providing enhanced FP for an airbase and its assets.”

The RPAS team will now complete a number of OCDs on UK RAF Stations.

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Daniele Mandelli

That RPAS. Whats it’s name don’t recognise it?

andy reeves

interesting to see that the u.k is now in possession of 18 f- 35’s usually its 12-24 aircraft to call a squadron, however from pictures i’ve seen the roundels on the aircraft look far too small, and should be double the size.

Colin Miller

Remote Pilot Air Systems

a RC drone to you and me

Daniele Mandelli

Yes. How does this compare with DH2 and DH3 for example?

The riddler

We do love to recycle news. We had these rpas in Afghan years ago. Not that model but the tasking was the same. Force protection.
Black hornet was one. Piece of crap that was rumoured to cost 20k a piece

R Williams

The RAF LIKE THE WORD ‘PILOT’. What they have is a pretty bog standard Unmanned Aeriel Vehicle [UAV] to the rest of us ! From the looks of it, it seems to have a gimbal mounted camera (optical and/or TI) but, that is it, they have been around for years


The CAA call the operator a pilot

Graham Maynard

Clue in the article header: try Remotely Piloted Air System!