Flights in and out of RAF Gibraltar has been secured for the next 20 years following completion of a £7.9 million runway resurfacing programme by DIO.

No military aircraft are currently stationed there, but RAF, Commonwealth and aircraft of other NATO nations will periodically arrive for transient stopovers, exercises, or other temporary duty. Administered by British Forces Gibraltar, the station is a joint civil-military facility that also functions as Gibraltar’s civilian Airport.

David Graham, DIO’s Deputy Head of Programme and Projects Delivery International, said:

“Investing in infrastructure to enable military capability is a huge part of what DIO delivers for defence so I’m really pleased with how quickly and smoothly this project has progressed. This was only possible because of how closely DIO, Lagan Construction, RAF Gibraltar and the government of Gibraltar worked together to mitigate any possible problems.”

The refurbished runway is expected to last for around 20 years.


  1. I remember the Royal Engineers re- surfacing the runway in 1978. Certain gave the WAAFS
    something to look at.


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