The Royal Air Force will reportedly be on high alert in the coming days in order to intercept and track flights from the Arctic region.

The move has been prompted by an incident around a year ago in which Typhoon aircraft escorted a Lapland registered aircraft (flying from the Arctic region) over the UK’s major cities, the pilot of the craft was said to be under the influence of alcohol and very “festive”, this is especially dangerous due to the sheer volume of cargo the aircraft was carrying. This is expected to happen again.

An MoD spokesman had this to say:

“Interception is part of what the QRA force do. We have to identify and confirm who or what is flying through our airspace or approaching our airspace and since the craft appears at the same time each year, we have a fairly good idea who will be flying but we don’t take any chances.”

The Ministry of Defence used satellites with infra-red sensors to track the aircraft last time this happened, it is understood that the heat from an animals red nose was clearly visible and it was at this point RAF aircraft began escorting the jet over every British city, town and village.

More on this as it develops.


  1. Nice photo but it would be nice if you would give the photographer proper credit.
    And that isn’t a Typhoon scrambling to intercept but this photo was taken at the royal international air tattoo in fairford as a Defence Journal you should know that a interceptor doesn’t carry LGB’s under the wing for the occasion it was tooled up and flown by the BAe test pilot at the Airshow…
    But lets not be nitpicking 🙂 and you all have a nice Christmas

  2. Lol my first thought was Russians too then I thought hang aabout flying under the influence, Lapland and red noses sounds like he’d make a good prime minister.

  3. “We have to identify and confirm who or what is flying through our airspace”
    You should make a list, and check it. Twice.

  4. It’s not so much the heat from the red nose on the radar I’m worried about as the waste material from the exhaust on my roof!!


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