The U.S. Air Force has given Raytheon a contract to deploy two prototype high energy laser weapon systems to protect its units overseas.

Raytheon will deploy two prototype high energy laser weapon systems to troops overseas under a U.S. Air Force contract. The Air Force experimentation includes 12 months of in-field operation against unmanned aerial systems and operator training.

Raytheon’s HELWS uses pure energy to detect, identify and instantly take down drones,a ccording to the firm.

“It can target a single drone with precision. The HELWS is paired with Raytheon’s Multi-spectral Targeting System. It uses invisible beams of light to defeat hostile UASs. Mounted on a Polaris MRZR all-terrain vehicle, the system detects, identifies, tracks and engages drones.”

“Every day, there’s another story about a rogue drone incident,” said Stefan Baur, vice president of Raytheon Electronic Warfare Systems.

“These threats aren’t going away, and in many instances, shooting them with a high energy laser weapon system is the most effective and safest way to bring them down.”

The contract follows successful demonstrations of Raytheon’s directed energy systems for the US Air Force and the US Army.

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bob carlisle
1 year ago
Please sign this new petition.
We need to expand our royal navy and stop leaving our country exposed physically and diplomatically.
Please support this petition to let our government know its not only required but wanted by the people.

Steve willetts
Steve willetts
1 year ago
Reply to  bob carlisle

Signed ?

1 year ago
Reply to  bob carlisle