After successfully attracting funding from Pepsi, the famous Red Arrows are to be painted Blue.

The Ministry of Defence said previously that it remains “committed to supporting the Red Arrows” despite a recent report suggesting that it can no longer afford to finance the Royal Air Force’s aerobatic display team.

The Red Arrows were recently “saved from the axe”, but a senior defence source told The Express here that the “clock is ticking” for the display team to find more funding.

The source said:

“Given the financial challenges which the RAF and, indeed, all services are facing, and anticipating no sudden upsurge in budget, funding the team is becoming challenging to the point that we must consider either finding a new, additional and substantial stream of income or letting go.”

That funding source has, finally, been found.

A statement from Pepsico reads:

“Pepsi is trying to project a global message of unity, peace and understanding. Clearly we are delighted to be able to announce out partnership with the Royal Air Force in order to fund the newly created ‘Blue Arrows’.” 

The team is currently based at RAF Scampton and once that closes they will move to RAF Waddington.

Congraulations and thank you for reading the whole article, this is just an April Fools Day joke. The article above is not true and if anyone is sharing this after the 1st of April, please do remind them of that fact. The purpose of this article, aside from our usual April Fools day joke, is to make the point that reading beyond the headline should be the norm every day, not just on the 1st of April. There’s a large volume of misinformation online, make sure you don’t add to it by sharing articles without reading them. Finally, be careful of the person sharing this article after the 1st of April as they very clearly don’t read what they share.

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Go the Blues!

Sean Crowley

That’s the Pepsi blues to you .

Mike O

I heard that they will be carrier capable and will carry 16 meteor missiles. Trust me, I read it on twitter.


Nice April fools joke Coke should have moved on this first . no need to re paint the aircraft! Perhaps we are witnessing a new revenue model for expandining defence funding expenditure!

George Parker

Don’t even joke about it. The Tesco Yeomanry are closer than you think. Uniforms sponsored by Sports Direct.


Many a true word spoken in jest lol

John Hartley

Where is the rainbow flag for diversity?

Something different

That’s a good idea and shows how accepting the UK is overall despite the occasional nitwit




Allez les Bleus!!


At least Coca-Cola could have sponsored them, could have stayed red 🙂


One day, one day. LOL.

James M

First it’s the Red Arrows (Brought to you by Pepsi), but before you know it, it’ll be HMS Newcastle Brown Ale…


Oor George is on top form today!!!

Chris Jones

I do like the Pepsi Co. roundel. Nice touch! 🙂


CNN reported that they were going pink.


Next we will hear the MOD will allow advertising on the side of RAF aircraft. Lol