It is understood that only straight and level flypasts are permitted, meaning that the Red Arrows will not be able to perform complex displays.

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) had previously said that a significant majority of show organisers have declined to co-operate with the new guidelines, however, this does not seem to be the case according to new information.

The new regulations include stricter checks on pilots, better training for organisers and a sharp increase in CAA inspection fees. In some cases they will go from £2,695 to over £20,000.

Over half of the air shows scheduled to take place in Britain this year may be cancelled, in most cases permanently some outlets are claiming, after strict new rules introduced in the wake of the Shoreham disaster begin to bite.

The new provisional rules are published in a document on the CAA website which also warns of further changes later in the year.

The information comes from UK Airshows Review:

Samantha Jones, one of the organisers of Throckmorton Air Show, told the Worcester News:

“Four weeks ago the Civil Aviation Authority proposed astronomical price increases of up to 100% completely out of the blue and unjustified. Does anyone have a spare £10,000? That is what it will take for the Throckmorton Air Show to go ahead if these fees are implemented. If the CAA wants to increase fees then fine, but don’t give us four weeks’ notice with only three months to go ’til our air show.

They could implement these costs for 2017 and allow air shows like us to budget, not just drop these costs out of the blue and expect air shows to pay it. That is a lot of money taken away from our charities and just looks like a Shoreham tax.

Air shows are safe; there has not been a public fatality in the aviation industry since 1952. This air show brings a lot of revenue and tourism to Worcestershire, please don’t take it from us.”

A campaign on Facebook has been started to push back against the more stringent CAA rules.



  1. What an absolute waste of everyone’s time. Knee Health and Safety madness.

    Airshows will die a death if this is allowed to continue. Who will bother going to watch a Typhoon et al just fly past slowly in a straight line. Pointless.

    The CAA and the MAA for that matter need to remove their heads from their a****

  2. this is absolutely disgusting! luckily I see the red arrows often enough living near scampton however what’s the point in an air SHOW if they can’t put on a show?

  3. Lets hope this doesn’t happen? I suppose we just need some official statements from either the RAF Red Arrows the Royal Air Force or Farnborough International Airshow I am also sure officials at No10 Downing Street wont be to happy if its confirmed.

  4. The countries spiraling out of control with all this BS! Any excuse to fuel greed is jumped on in the blink of an eye in the name of health and safety and whatever else

  5. Trouble is after that crash not long ago, they couldn’t be seen to be doing nothing. As much as we love to complain about Elf n’ Saftee, we also love to listen to the sobbing of victims’ families and give them whatever they want. Perhaps this is something that will be relaxed in a few years?

  6. Very poor quality reporting in this story. NO organisers have declined to comply with new regulations. The head of the CAA retracted that comment months ago after calls for him to resign. The MAA and the Reds themselves also decide where and what the team can display. Did you used to work for the Mail?

    • Mark, we’re a team of volunteers and we made a mistake. Rather than post such hostile remarks, a civil correction might have been more appropriate. Obviously, you have never made any errors.

      Also, while you’re charging about here being rude, it may have escaped your notice that their display regime for the airshow now reflects the claims made in this article, thanks though.

  7. I lived in Aldershot for 21 yrs every year the aircraft would fly across from Farnborough and straight above our street . A wonderful sight especially if one was at the top of the hill and walking down . Don’t let this happen

  8. I have politely messaged both the FIA and RA asking for an official comment. Perhaps others might want to try the same approach.

  9. I don’t think this is actually true, misreported by UK defence Journal….Red arrow’s site lists full display for Farnborough….and also a comment saying the report is inaccurate.

    • 11, 15, 16 & 17 July Farnborough International Airshow, Hampshire – Flypasts and ground activities are planned by the team, including engaging with adults and young people, but no aerobatic displays by the Red Arrows will take place at the event.

    • The Red Arrows. They took off. They went away. Then they flew past. Then they flew past again.

      FIA was a real disappointment: expensive and really rather dull. The line-up was weak, the flying was high and far away. We were a long way back from the runway, the public space was quite restricted compared to my previous visits, and the view was occluded by stands and trade buildings. We watched half of it on the big viewscreens, which rather defeats the object of being there.

      I wished I’d stayed at home. Never again.

  10. Paul Yates may have read that a couple of days ago, but right now, it says:

    “Farnborough International Airshow, Hampshire – Flypasts and ground activities are planned by the team, including engaging with adults and young people, but no aerobatic displays by the Red Arrows will take place at the event.”


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