The 50th MT30 gas turbine has come off the Rolls-Royce build line in preparation for despatch to Japan, say the firm.

The 50th MT30 came off the Rolls-Royce build line in August this year in preparation for despatch to KHI in Japan. This will be the second MT30 that Japan has received.

Sam Cameron, Rolls-Royce Defence Senior Vice President for the Pacific Rim said:

“Japan has traditionally been one of the principal users of Rolls-Royce marine products, particularly gas turbines, so they are a very important customer and delivering the 50th MT30 is a very important milestone. We look forward to continuing to grow the footprint of the MT30 in the region.

MT30 is now on nine programmes globally, seven of which were conceived in the 21st century so it’s clear that the MT30 has become the engine very much tomorrow’s platforms.”

The two MT30 gas turbines already designated for Japan will form an expected fleet of eight engines for the 30FFM Batch 1 programme that is set to replace the Asagiri and Abukuma-classes of destroyer escort ships say Rolls-Royce.

The engine will now be delivered to Kawasaki Heavy Industries in Japan with whom Rolls-Royce has worked for almost 50 years to deliver more than 200 Naval gas turbines for the Japanese Maritime Self Defence Force.

Kawasaki Heavy Industries will build and assemble the MT30 into what is referred to as the ‘compact package engine enclosure’.

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Good move. This is an update of the Vosper Thornycroft stealth corvette concept which I think needs to crystalize for the Royal Navy to fight off area denial fast missile boats such as the Chinese Type 22 in littoral waters such as the South China sea, the Persian gulf and in the North Atlantic approaches around Iceland Secret Projects Forum › uk
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Vosper Thornycroft Project Cerberus Stealth Corvette | Secret …


Sorry posted in wrong article. Please remove


Good news and continuing proof that we are not totally dependant on the EU for trade… fact, we never have been! Interestingly, the concept of cutting free looks less and less likely, as the machinery of remaining in the EU, tightens expediently. As for a more globally orientated UK, and all that would mean for our forces, would evaporate along with leavers dreams.


I voted to remain, and am still happy to remain, but have come to see the opportunities of Brexit. If we leave, we must fully leave or we get neither benefit of staying or leaving. No customs union stopping us doing our own trade deals.


There are no opportunities with Brexit, the Trade deals we conduct as part of the EU are vastly superior when it comes to terms than if we were alone to do them.

When it comes to international Trade it is basically the EU, the US or China dictating the terms and everybody else picks which block they want to trade with the most.

Boris Johnson

The EU’s economic and military head being the UK…


We are still in the EU and this deal was conducted whilst the UK is a member. Your argument is nonsensical!

As for never being dependent on the EU for trade, I think you are in for a cold hard surprise come a Hard-Brexit!


It’s becoming more apparent that the UK will, in fact, be expelled, meaning any mechanisms invented in Westminster to prolong the process may be worthless? There’s a growing mood of exasperation in Europe at the UK Parliament’s antics, and many voices are now demanding action? That action can only be in two forms, a last-minute deal of worth or being shown the door. In the coming weeks, we might see more protests from within the EU demanding a tough stance, and that will only have one outcome.


Where are these built?


Scotland. Joking… I have no idea.


Bristol, I believe, so luckily for us pretty far away from Scotland 🙂


Yep, in the Filton factory.


I’m surprised various Scotish politicians and Union leaders haven’t been out condeming the fact these clearly naval products are not being produced north of the border and how it’s an insult to the Scottish people that they aren’t and a clear English Governmental plot to deprive them of their rights


Congratulations to the bristol lads this engine was developed in bristol and built in bristol and hopefully will stay there worked on engine myself but now retired job well made south of the border

James Fennell

The cores are made in Derby (they are the same as the RR Trent core) and the MT30 assembly line is in Bristol. There are Trent assembly lines in Derby and Dahlewitz in Germany (which also assembles the BR700 and V2500), and a new Trent assembly line is being set up in Singapore. RR has lines for other engines in the US too.


The article states:

Kawasaki Heavy Industries will build and assemble the MT30 into what is referred to as the ‘compact package engine enclosure’.

James Fennell

I think that means they plumb them into a power-egg (its the engine enclosure they build, not the MT30).