Two of the Royal Navy’s Coastal Forces Squadron patrol boats conducted training with a pair of Commando Wildcat helicopters, say the Royal Navy here.

“The action-packed day saw HMS Ranger and Exploit carry out transfers, wet winching and heli-casting with the aircraft from 847 Naval Air Squadron in Weymouth Bay.

The two P2000 provided the aircraft with a challenging platform to enable essential training for the aircrew who are continually held at readiness to deploy.

And cruise liners laid up by the pandemic – including Cunard’s mighty Queen Victoria (90,000 tonnes) and Tui’s Marella Explorer 2 (a ‘mere’ 72,000 tonnes) – provided an impressive, if unusual backdrop to the training.”

The 12 P2000 and 2 LPV Class Patrol Boats of CFS are dispersed throughout nine ports across the UK, providing maritime security in collaboration with the Joint Maritime Security Centre.

You can read more here.

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Nigel Collins

Completely off-topic I know, but I thought some on here might find this rather amusing!

No Plan B for FCAS’, Airbus tells France

“Airbus has told French lawmakers that there is no alternate plan for the Franco-German-Spanish Future Combat Air System (FCAS) should the partners fail to settle tensions over some industrial aspects of the tri-national programme.”

John Clark

In trouble already Nigel and descending into stailmate.

Good grief, after the vaccine frasco, it shouldn’t come as surprise, our European friends couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery….

Last edited 1 day ago by John Clark
Nigel Collins

couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery”
I think they’d disagree 🤣


Thinking of the P2000s and LPV anyone know where things stand with the replacements for the Gib squadron?


First one due to be delivered at the end of the year, the second during the first quarter of 2022. On track to do this as far as I can see.



Andy P

I take it these are still the ‘Jolly boats’ for the URNU’s, or at least most of them. If that’s the case, making them sound like they’re providing maritime security is a bit of a stretch, there are 2 based in Fassers that are ‘a bit angry’ but that’s it I think. Apologies if things have moved on and I’m talking bollocks.


Lol mate not far wrong I reckon but let’s make sure the uni people get some jollies as that shit stops when they sign up full time lol.

Daniele Mandelli

Exactly what I was thinking.

Geoffrey Roach

That is fun!


I remember doing something like that with HMS Archer back when she was with the RNR in Dundee, combined night Ex with a RAF Herc and a SAS unit. Archer was bounced everywhere when the three inflatables crossed her bow coming from diffrent sides and angles. God was the skipper angry boiling kettle angry comes to mind. We were half way up the Tay going back to Dundee and ended up heading towards Fife, at a great rate of knots. The SAS unit made up for it by buying the beers. Ah fun times and good memories.


2 LPVs?

According to the RN press release it’s “12 P2000 and 2 LPV Class Patrol Boats”. A FOI request last summer gave 14 P2000s [2 went to Gib] and the 3 B1 River class OPVs.

If LPV means the B1 Rivers, why only 2?

Last edited 1 day ago by Jon
Daniele Mandelli

Maybe they mean Mull and Rona used by FPGRM?

Daniele Mandelli

Maritime Security??? Really. I understood the Archers were only used with the varied URNU’s.

Great if so.

He’s not been seen here for a few years, but “Alan Wright” would have loved this article as, apart from the Gopsort ferry, these were his favourite subject!

John Hartley

Navyrecognition, 21 Jan 2021, says South Korea has fired Spike NLOS missiles from its Wildcat helicopters. RN Wildcat will have Martlet & Sea Venom, but AAC Wildcat only have a .50 machinegun. Perhaps Spike NLOS would be a quick, established way of upgunning AAC Wildcat, if the S Koreans have already done the work? It would give the AAC a precision 32 km stand off capability. We could of course fit Spear 3, but that would mean integration costs & effort. Spike NLOS is off the shelf.


Good spot. Upgunning the AAC Wildcats with Spike sounds an excellent idea and consistent with the defence review strategy regarding striking the enemy from distance.

Daniele Mandelli

Very interesting, I wonder how many will be procured and who will use and what’s the concept for implementation? Platoon level weapon? RA? Very intriguing mate.

Daniele Mandelli

Can it be fired from the 60mm mortar? Do we even use that still?