Saab has signed a contract with the Royal Navy to provide a digital air traffic control solution at Predannack.

Following a competitive procurement, Saab has announced the Royal Navy has become the fourth UK customer to select Saab’s Digital Towers as part of a framework contract.

“The technology, which enables air traffic services to be conducted remotely, will also enhance the controllers’ situational awareness, through video, automatic tracking, graphic overlays, and enhanced safety tools.”

The Royal Navy follows London City Airport, Cranfield University and the Royal Air Force in adopting the leading edge technology that will be delivered within 2021.

Saab’s leading air traffic management technologies have a beneficial role to play for both British civilian and military customers. The Royal Navy’s adoption of digital towers is an example of how the British Armed Forces embrace innovative solutions and Saab is delighted to support their forward looking vision,” said Magnus Lewis-Olsson, Chairman of Saab UK.

“This is an important step in the Royal Navy’s continued development and exploitation of remote system technology to enhance the way air traffic services are delivered, improving controller efficiency and providing a safe operating environment for air systems,” said Cdr Mick Gladwin, Royal Navy.

Saab add that the digital air traffic control solution is “a breakthrough in air traffic control” and was introduced during 2015 in Sweden when Örnsköldsvik Airport became the first airport in the world with remote air traffic control.

In the UK, Cranfield Airport is currently operating Saab´s system and London City will also operate the Saab solution starting later this year.

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Would there be any potential for something like this to be fielded on an aircraft carrier at some point? Keep a backup Flyco on or near the Bridge but be able to shift the majority of FLYCO ops into more armoured parts of the ship.

Also my apologies if the acronym for FLYCO is spellt with an I 🙂


I think each tower on the carrier is supposed to be able to operate as a bridge and flyco in an emergency. That is the Beauty of the design

Mark F



In extremis I am thinking a helo or f35 could simply land !!