Highlanders from the 4th Battalion The Royal Regiment of Scotland (4 SCOTS) are ensuring Iraqi Border Guard Police have the lifesaving skills they need.

According to a press release, personnel from 4 Scots form part of the Building Partnership Capacity (BPC) training team, a joint endeavour between the Denmark and the UK. The BPC training teams provide essential skills and mentoring to members of the Iraqi Security Forces to better combat the threat of Islamic State in Iraq.

Cpl Chris Young, one of the UK instructors said

“We’re here to help the Iraqis improve their own security. We teach them really important skills that are there to increase their survivability. In the end of the day it really is life or death for these guys.”

A press release describes the training:

“As the course pauses and begins to regroup following a casualty evacuation exercise they are hit again. There is a loud bang and dust rises from just outside one of the walls. Shouts erupt as BGP troops dash to their stand-to positions. Another bang follows as a vehicle speeds towards their main entrance; gunfire erupts and the car, packed with explosives, skids to a stop.

The platoon is now being attacked from 2 different angles. Enemy attack from both the South and the West, firing and running towards their FOB. Orders are shouted over the gun fire as the BGP troops shoot back, the troops quickly disable the VBIED driver and 2 of the attackers.

This is not the end. 2 more attackers continue to advance along the left flank towards the front gate. It isn’t long before they are overcome by the BGP firepower. Pinned down and left without options the BGP quickly return consistent fire. It isn’t long attackers are contained then disabled. The camp is safe once again.”

This particular platoon will soon deploy back to the Jordanian Border where they will continue to bring the fight to Daesh, defending the country against smuggling and stopping foreign fighters crossing the border.

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4 years ago

First sign of trouble they run away…. just like they have always done.

‘Training’ is a waste of money.

Steven Jones
Steven Jones
4 years ago
Reply to  joe

Are you referring to the Britsh Army in Basra ? The Iraqis security services have suffered terribly yet have managed to turn things around quite quickily.

4 years ago
Reply to  Steven Jones

30,000+ fled from a convoy of about 600 ISIS fighters allowing them to walk into Mosul unopposed.

As for the current operations, they outnumber ISIS considerably, have constant air cover from the Americans & are bolstered by thousands of Iranians, Kurdish & US special forces.

Remove all that help and the Iraqis would be back to their usual habit of fleeing.