Russia’s Colonel General Viktor Bondarev claimed “not a single bombing raid missed the target”. The only way Russia could have hit 100% of their targets would be if their target was the ground.

Throughout the campaign, Russia’s own Ministry of Defence footage shows bombers releasing non-guided munitions in stark contrast to the Western forces which exclusively use guided munitions to minimise collateral damage.

In October last year, Russian strikes killed at least 13 people after hitting a field hospital in Syria, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said. The strike took place on the town of Sarmin in the northwestern province of Idlib on 20 October. The group have also claimed that Russia’s air strikes in Syria have so far killed 370 people, one third of them civilians, since it started.

Additionally, a Russian cruise missile of a type used in Syria hit a remote village in the north of Russia after going off course during a test flight, the defence ministry said it caused no damage when it fell near the town of Nyonoksa on the White Sea coast in the Arkhangelsk region. Nyonoksa is by the White Sea, 40km west of Severodvinsk, a test range is near the village.

In October, four Russian cruise missiles launched from the Caspian Sea fell short of their targets in Syria and crash landed in a rural part of Iran.

It was been widely reported that at least four missiles crashed as they flew over Iran. It’s unclear where in Iran the missiles landed, Russian ships have been positioned in the south Caspian Sea, meaning the likely flight path for missiles into Syria would cross over both Iran and Iraq.

Russian claimed “not a single bombing raid missed the target”. The only way Russia could have hit 100% of their targets would be if their target was the ground.

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Steve McBroom

They done a great job, achieved more than anyone else has in a fraction of the time. Time to stop slagging them off and follow their lead. John 8:7

UK Defence Journal

No they didn’t, their own figures show they went on less sorties than even just the UK alone.

Brian Pratt

They done better than the yanks

UK Defence Journal

Aside from launching far, far fewer sorties and hitting less IS positions?

UK Defence Journal They did what they was tasked to do, give Assad momentum, turned the fortune of war over to Assad, and they did, and they did it very good, why wast bombs on IS when the coalition bombed them? The coalition flew 70 000 sorties against IS, Russia 10 000 against targets of high strategic value, and we all know the resault of it.,

Simon Taylor

Of course they hit 100% of their targets! They dropped enough bombs on each one to flatten the entire block and kill everyone within a mile of it!

Jonny Davies

They did a great job in killing thousands of civilians and destroying neighbourhoods, not a great achievement and considering they hardly attacked ISIS in fact they helped them

I guess you can show me a serious source of all the 1000 dead civilians?

Jonny Davies The Russian airforce is incapable of precision bombing.

William John Jardim

That colonel must have his head so far up his own arse he can chew on his own Adam’s apple.


Basically he’s devoid from reality. Heck he could have said 85-90% (which is still very good) and I may have believed him.

Simon White

Aim for the ground and then you hit the ground …… Yep that’s 100% alright ……:)

James L. R. Chappell

Okay about this article, 1. A Cruise missile did not land in Iran because the Iranian government denied it. It looks mighty suspicious an anonymous U.S. official said this, infact some have even said several landed in Iran. They cant even keep track of the lies they’re making up. I quote “Iran’s semi-official Fars news agency also said the Iranian defence ministry had rejected the reports, claiming they were part of the west’s “psychological warfare”.” 2. The Russian’s have done a damn sight more than the united states has and more so the UK have and you’re a fucking idiot… Read more »

Alan Duncan

Frankly they got the west to wake up and do more, thankfully on my front it’s french airforce sector not American or we’d be screwed ?


Everyone except Simon in the very first point seems to be missing the point. The claim in the article is that “Not a single bombing RAID missed the target”. Admittedly I’m still sceptical but I can imagine very close to 100% success. Want to blow up a building? Drop 100 bombs to carpet bomb the area. OK, 99 bombs missed the building completely but one got close enough to cause some damage to the building, maybe it even hit it and destroyed it completely. In any event, even that 1 out of 100 near miss that knocked down a bit… Read more »

Alan Radisic

They did wake the west up. They also showed that the west is far more accurate and respectful of reducing civilian casualties than Russians.


Yes, the claim is clearly fictitious, a bit like Putin’s approval ratings. However their accuracy HAS been higher than many would have thought, myself included. The level of technology (navally) employed successfully has been a bit of an eye opener to NATO. And Putin’s use of close air support in favour of Assad’s ground forces has been effective. If it weren’t for the Ukraine thing, it might be good to thaw this new cold war we have found ourselves in. I don’t think wild success claims help their cause. I understand the actually figures (certainly re the cruise missiles via… Read more »