Saab’s offering to Finland includes advanced Electronic Warfare systems, comprising of a newly developed Electronic Attack Jammer Pod and a decoy missile system say the firm.

Saab’s offering to Finland for the HX fighter procurement includes both the fighter jet Gripen E/F and the GlobalEye Airborne Early Warning and Control System.

According to the firm here:

“As part of Gripen’s E/F Electronic Warfare capability, Saab now reveals the development of a new decoy missile system, the Lightweight Air-launched Decoy Missile. The decoy missile and the new Electronic Attack Jammer Pod, which Saab started flight testing in 2019, will ensure that Finnish pilots will be protected from enemy radars and missiles. The new decoy missile will be a highly capable stand-in jammer for the most demanding missions. It will act as a force multiplier as it reduces the number of missiles and aircraft required to complete a mission. The decoy missile can jam or create false targets for acquisition, tracking, fire control and airborne radars.”

“Our offering to Finland, combining Gripen E/F and GlobalEye as force multipliers, will protect Finland’s people and borders, by delivering both comprehensive situational awareness and a true deterrence effect. The decoy missile, that we present today, will constitute a strong addition to Gripen E/F’s built-in electronic attack capabilities.The payload of the new decoy missile is to a large extent developed in Finland and this will strengthen our offer to Finland even further,” said Jonas Hjelm, Senior Vice President and Head of Saab Business Area Aeronautics.

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Nigel Collins

That should up the ante a tad and they can carry Meteor If they choose to do so.
With 6th gen no more than a decade away, it’s a no brainer.

Even or politicians could see it!


The obvious choice for Finland is the F-35, the only 5th gen in the competition and an aircraft that scares Vlad, but unfortunately it may be unaffordable.

Robert Blay

Norway and Denmark have ordered the F35, so wouldn’t be surprised if Finland follow suite. If they can afford it. Or even need that level of capability. A Typhoon order would be very nice though.


The F-35 is definitely the high end choice but the Gripen when used by skilled pilots and planners is a highly effective 4+ gen aircraft. Those Swedes know how to build quality military gear.

Robert Blay

It sure is, beautiful aircraft, and very affective for the market it is aimed at.


Quite agree that Gripen is an excellent aircraft but can’t come close to what the F-35 can do.


Gripen is starting to have some teeth in terms of EW, i wonder how it compares with F18 Growler and its new pod

Nigel Collins

I’m unsure, but they are held in high regard in this area and a very useful addition to Project Team Tempest know doubt. The question I’ve been asking myself is, how much longer Growlers will be required to fulfil this role given the pace that air warfare seems to be changing. “If you can swap out the primary sensor and technology payload on an aircraft like this, you can tailor a swarm of them for whatever mission is at hand. For instance, if the mission is about taking on enemy fighters, one drone can pack an infrared search and track… Read more »

Nigel Collins

Hopefully, they will be able to carry Anti-ship missiles, something I feel sure the Australians would be very interested in right now!


China now has world’s largest navy as Beijing advances towards goal of a ‘world-class’ military by 2049, says US DoD


No matter what they do with this plane it will never be a serious contender .


The concept is very similar to Spear-EW, except not quite as long ranged. Both missile systems use digital radio frequency memory which not only can mirror an enemy’s radar, but can also mimic your own. Thereby allowing you to jam or spoof the enemy radar.