Saab has signed a three-year contract with the Ministry of Defence for the provision of support and services to the Direct Fire Weapon Effects Simulator (DFWES) capability.

The contract valued at £26 million came into effect on April the 1st, 2020.

“DFWES is a laser based Tactical Engagement Simulation (TES) system, that allows dismounted and mounted soldiers to simulate the effects of direct and indirect fire. This order includes support and maintenance for the British Army’s DFWES capability.

In addition to the existing sites in the UK, Canada and Germany, this contract includes continuation of support to the Commando Training Centre Royal Marines, the Infantry Battle School in Brecon and the Infantry Training Centre Catterick.”

“We are proud that Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S) continues to choose Saab as a partner to provide the British military with the DFWES capability. This ensures that British soldiers and marines can continue to receive the best possible support for their training and is a testament to the close and long-term cooperation between Saab and the UK”, said Magnus Lewis Olson, Head of Saab in the United Kingdom.

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Interesting, is this the only system we use for training?
I’ve heard that the US use something called simunition, which is more akin to hardcore paintball than what we are using- which seems like advanced laser-tag. I’d imagine that just bullk buying a load of simunition might be an easier and more realistic way to go for training? I can’t imagine the uniform cleaning bill would be that disastrous!


Surely non stain paint. Funny if it wasn’t and is hard as nails to come off.


You’d hope so, wouldn’t you?! There are some videos on Youtube of the USMC doing training with the stuff, I reckon it’s the way forward, although I’ve never served- the closest I’ve come is playing laser quest, paintball and airsoft at various different times.
I’ve no doubt it’s frustrating to be tagged with the laser and “killed”, but there’s something quite different about actually taking a painful hit. Not to mention the sounds, flashes, and recoil of actually firing a round from your weapon would make for far more realistic training.


i remember the stuff we used in batus in the mid 90,s it was a bit like the heartbreak ridge gear,the damn things would beep and scream at you until you either laid down or someone switched it off.

700 Glengarried Men

Andy think it was call sawes happy memories


I think your right,they also used to be fitted to the vehicles,i can,t say i found that part of the exercise entertaining.


Joe, the British Army also use simunition. It is only useful for CQM as its effective range is about 80m. It’s also much much much more expensive that this kit. You have to have converters in the weapons (different magazine) and the rounds themselves are very expensive. Also, you have to train in bespoke training facilities which need building. So this is a large arsenal of training options. This is used for collective training; it includes GPS tracking that is used for every soldier and is utilised in after action review and played back in debriefing sessions. Simunition is utilised… Read more »


These ‘lasers’ have a ballistic trajectory.


As far as im aware simunition is in use in the UK but this electronic stuff is just in greater use due to the cost of simunition vs traditional blank rounds.


Ah, thank, good to know! I’m glad to hear it.

700 Glengarried Men

Chris I remember the SAWES system from late 80s it worked when you fired a blank round , this looks similar as the rifle has a BFA fitted


SF use it and others will as well. Targets will sting when hit. A friend of mine was RE and his Tp got to play enemy a few times


I wonder how much more advanced this stuff is compared to high end commercial laser tag equipment. £26mm is a lot of coin.