Scots Guards assisted St Mary’s Hospital on the Isle of Wight in support of OP RESCRIPT.

The Ministry of Defence say that soldiers are working together with NHS staff to clear the records room to set up new wards for patients.

Troops also painted old beds from a local prison for use in the hospital.

Operation Rescript is a military operation to assist the UK’s efforts to tackle the 2020 coronavirus pandemic in the United Kingdom.

In March, the Ministry of Defence announced the formation of the COVID Support Force as part of its measures to help tackle the Coronavirus outbreak. The support force comprised 20,000 military personnel tasked with supporting public services, which included 150 military personnel being trained to drive oxygen tankers to support the National Health Service.

Scientists from Defence Science and Technology Laboratory also began supporting Public Health England. Command and control of the COVID Support Force falls under Standing Joint Command, headed by Major General Charles Stickland.

The COVID Support Force includes 10 regional commands which are overseen from Aldershot.

In April, an additional 3,000 reservist personnel joined the COVID Support Force.

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Supportive Bloke

Crikey. Those beds look like they are from before WWII.

I’m sure the boys and girls did the best job they could with what they were given, usually do, but I’m a bit surprised some better bed frames couldn’t be found somewhere to put in the back of a truck and sent over from the mainland.

Joking apart COVID in its worst forms is pretty incapacitating and so powered beds that can move patients positions seem pretty vital.

Daniele Mandelli

Latest reports are the fire was caused by styrofoam packing, the fire is out, the soot has been cleaned and repainting is underway.

Their 2nd Type 075 is also just days away from launch.


If anyone is interested, here is a great discussion about the type 075. Less than 6 months from keel laying to launch and many more on the way.

Also, some cracking pictures on that board.

George? Can we have something similar here?

Supportive Bloke

I used to test self extinguishing / fire retardant cables and the like for certification.

The sort of smoke coming out of that ship wouldn’t come out of a post Corporate RN ship as fire resistance is king.

I’ve seen a lot of Knowledgable comments that the Chinese ships are build fast but not designed or built by anyone who understood Battle damage resistance. So one hit ships in effect.

The kind of materials that belch that kind of smoke shouldn’t be anywhere near a warship.

Daniele Mandelli

One to remember then when the talk is on the vast Chinese military buildup.
The RN has experience sadly.

Is Phoenix still around at Whale Island?

Mark B

I have to point out that the paper records should have been digitised and shredded decades ago. That would have led to a more efficient NHS with more staff on the front line and spare space.

Large organisations are awful at when it comes to things like this and Governments have not covered themselves in glory by ordering billion pound computer systems which inevitably fail. Keep it simple!


Good stuff. This is what we want to see our Army doing, helping out as best they can.

Not important but I bet there are quite a few squaddies ever so happy to be around all those nurses – life goes on…


Grab your coat mate, you’ve pulled!