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Is Russia still a threat? NATO seems to think so

NATO is now fully committed in its role to providing an ‘enhance forward presence’ to deter any Russian aggression. As a result four battle groups have taken up strategic deployments in Poland, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

Challenger 2: Compared to the Competition

Challenger 2, aka the FV4034, is the UKs Main Battle Tank (MBT). Other world powers across the globe also use MBTs in their armies. How does it compare?

NATO Deploys E-3 Sentry AWACS Aircraft to Turkey

Above: An E-3 Sentry, or AWACS aircraft, shows off its distinctive radar disk A system that has already proved its worth in Middle Eastern...

Warships shoot down cruise missiles off coast of Scotland

Naval vessels from nine countries worked together to simultaneously intercept dummy ballistic and cruise missiles off the coast of Scotland this week.

British armoured battlegroup exercise in Poland

The UK has deployed around 800 troops and more than 130 vehicles, including Challenger tanks, to Exercise Dragon in Poland.

NATO Hospital Bombing “Possibly Criminal”

The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights has described the Kunduz Hospital Bombing as "inexcusable, Possibly Criminal"

UK increases contribution to new NATO task force

Michael Fallon has announced that the UK will contribute 3,000 personnel to the 'Very High Readiness Joint Task Force' (VJTF) from 2016. The origins of this...

British Typhoons intercept Russian aircraft over Baltic Sea

Typhoon aircraft, deployed as part of the NATO Baltic Air Policing mission, have reportedly intercepted two Russian aircraft over the Baltic Sea. The jets...

HMS Ocean leads significant NATO force in Baltic

HMS Ocean plays central role in the largest maritime exercise of the year. HMS Iron Duke and HMS Quorn also attend. Baltic Operations (BALTOPS) is an...

An Essential Nuclear Alliance: NATO Nuclear Sharing

An Essential Nuclear Alliance: NATO Nuclear Sharing’s Fundamental role in British Security. On the surface, NATO’s Nuclear Sharing arrangements play a negligible role in the...