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Why an international ban on the AK47 wouldn’t work

There is a debate as to whether the banning of the AK47 would impact terrorist organisations and reduce the capability of insurgences?

Is Russia still a threat? NATO seems to think so

NATO is now fully committed in its role to providing an ‘enhance forward presence’ to deter any Russian aggression. As a result four battle groups have taken up strategic deployments in Poland, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

Turkey shoots down aircraft on Syrian border

Turkey have shot down a drone on their border with Syria.

Egypt purchases ex-Russian Mistrals from France

Egypt has agreed to buy two Mistral class assault ships from France, the French government announced today.

Russian Northern Fleet on exercise in the Barents Sea

Russian nuclear submarines and surface vessels from the Northern Fleet have been firing large salvos of missiles.

Bangladesh to recieve Yak-130’s from Russia

Russia will deliver the first Yak-130 trainer aircraft to Bangladesh this week. The Yak-130 is reportedly able to replicate the characteristics of several fourth generation...

Typhoons intercept Russian bombers near British airspace

Quick Reaction Alert aircraft were scrambled from RAF Lossiemouth yesterday to intercept two supersonic Russian bombers. Squadron Leader Jim Calvert of II(AC) Squadron said: "Given the...

Russian flagship puts in for repairs to keep her floating

The Russian Northern Fleet’s flagship, the Pyotr Veliky, is now laid up in dry dock for planned repairs to keep her at sea for...

UAE and Egypt poised to purchase Russian Mistrals

The United Arab Emirates has now confirmed their interest in one of two French Mistral class vessels that were built for Russia. Rumour is...

Britain delivers equipment to Ukrainian forces

A Royal Air Force C-130J has delivered equipment in support of Ukrainian troops. The equipment includes: 1,000 individual First Aid Kits 54 helmet-mounted monocular night vision goggles (MNVGs) 2,000...