The latest episode of the popular defence podcast covers Russia-NATO tensions, the future of the UK armed forces and a discussion on the recently released Defence Command Paper.

The podcast is hosted by @Osinttechnical@skywatcherintel and @DefenceGeek.

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Good episode but they completely forgot to mention the retiral of Warrior and the scrapping of the WCSP upgrade programme! That truly was the Nimrod moment of this defence review considering since inception over 20 years ago £430+ million has been spent on a programme that managed to deliver some prototypes and yet fail to actually even enter a full production phase makes it arguably a procurement scandal that really deserves some form of public enquiry rather than a quiet cancellation in the White Paper. It is far more significant that the retiral of a couple of frigates that were… Read more »

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The MOD, its secretary of state and ministers are Teflon coated. They are licenced to squander money!
Why did the C-130Js receive new wing box sections if they were to be scrapped?


Because the RAF were expecting to operate them into the 2030s, cutting a whole fleet saves significant money even if it happens just after sustainment work like new wing box sections. There is a good chance that the retiring airframes will find a new home so there will be some financial return on investment unlike Warrior CSP.


When it comes to the Hercs, there could be some creative thinking, for example rather than getting rid of them altogether why not sell them to the Internatonal aid deprtment. One they could be painted white, two the RAF would not need to use its limited airferames for international aid and three it is a good use of existing material for soft power. If in a crisis they could always be returned to RAF duties.


It wouldn’t be a good use of the Aid budget, if something needs to be transported somewhere it is far better to charter a flight when it is needed. The Aid budget should not be spent keeping aging ex RAF aircraft flying.

Something different

Continued business justification in play, better to cut your loses than fall for the sink loss fallacy. That said I’m not sure if Boxer will cut it as a IFV substitute but that could be mitigated if firepower could be found from other platforms. The IFV has always been an odd concept in my eyes, lose 2-4 dismounts for not much more armour compared to an APC and a cannon that doesn’t provide the firepower of a MBT. Pentagon wars summed it up quite well.


The photo shows planes which are headed for the scrap heap!