Two Tornado pilots narrowly avoided crashing into each other in bad weather, a report has revealed.

The aircraft, which had departed from RAF Marham in Norfolk, came within 300ft of one another on the 14th of July. Both pilots were at fault according to the UK Airprox Board, which investigates near-misses.

It rated the incident as category A – the highest possible risk of a collision.

The pilots were attempting a snake climb, which is a military procedure used in bad weather, where planes follow each other at 30-second intervals.

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John Francis

Sort your shits out and focus

Keith Rudd


UK Defence Journal


Any concerns you may have about our reporting of news can be made clear by e-mailing us to elaborate.


Keith Rudd

No thanks point made …

UK Defence Journal

I would also argue that the fact people are interested in the story makes it worthwhile posting.

Richard Farrington

Keith.. ffs quit being such a douche

Keith Rudd

Ermmm a forest fan and a suedo mowhawk ….and im a douche…

Chris Duncan

With that response you are an utter twat.

Kent Reynolds


Simon Taylor

Not the first time Marham jets have had a close call this year…

Simon P Richardson

I’d rather see stories about near misses than see stories about collisions and our pilots being killed due to them.if you want stories with death in them I suggest turning on sky or BBC news there’s plenty of that type there

Dustbinio Beer

Jason Beer

Thelma Villanueva

China made

Ben Hall

I didn’t think 300 foot could classed as close but I guess at the speed these things are travelling at

Mohi Mohammad

Tactical Depature Random Mnvr?

Zachary J. Zachary

Glad they made it.