A BAE Systems Typhoon featuring the latest P3E weapons fit will display at the 2016 Royal International Air Tattoo and Farnborough International Air Show.

According to a BAE press release, the display will demonstrate the aircraft carrying four Meteor Beyond Visual Range Air to Air missiles, two Brimstone 2 low collateral precision strike weapons, two ASRAAM missiles and two Paveway IV laser guided precision weapons.

Nat Makepeace, BAE Systems Typhoon Experimental Test Pilot, said:

“This is one of the first times a Typhoon aircraft has flown with this weapons fit and it demonstrates the significant milestones which have been achieved towards integration of these new capabilities on to Typhoon, providing the combat pilot with a full range of capabilities.

Typhoon provides air forces with a highly capable and extremely agile multi-role combat aircraft, capable of being deployed in the full spectrum of air operations.

This display will also demonstrate is that Typhoon, even with this weapons fit, loses none of the incredible agility and manoeuvrability for which it is known.”

Phase 1 Enhancements were delivered on to the aircraft last year, underlining the aircraft as a high-end multi-role weapon system with unmatched air-to-air capability and the integration of Paveway IV for precision air-to-surface operations.

With Phase 2, the aircraft will gain a deep attack capability through the integration of the Storm Shadow air-to-surface deep strike missile and a beyond visual range capability through integration of Meteor.

Phase 3 Enhancements will introduce a low collateral precision strike air-to-surface capability to the aircraft through Brimstone.
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Rob Simmonds
5 years ago

Can’t wait to see it! 😀

Guy Wilkerson
5 years ago

Are air shows really that dangerous now?

5 years ago
Reply to  Guy Wilkerson


Jake Cornier
5 years ago

Andy Cornier

Anth Marrs
5 years ago

What about Sunderland air show?