Typhoon jets supported the Syrian Democratic Forces attacking Islamic State in Baghuz Fawqani, striking dispersed terrorist positions, and destroying a large truck-bomb.

On Tuesday the 12th March, the Ministry of Defence say that the SDF came into contact with Islamic State in dispersed positions, and two Typhoon FGR4s conducted a series of three attacks, using a total of four Paveway IV guided bombs, which successfully silenced the terrorists’ fire.

In addition, a large number of vehicles had been abandoned in the area of the fighting, and one large truck in their midst was identified as booby-trapped with an improvised explosive device.

The Typhoons were able to pick out and safely destroy this truck-bomb with a single Brimstone 2 missile, say the MoD.

Background on Operation Shader

This section is intended to provide a bit of background on British efforts in the region and if you’ve read it before, please remember others may not have.

By September last year, the Ministry of Defence had announced that over 1,000 personnel were engaged in theatre and that the Royal Air Force had conducted around 1,000 airstrikes, flying over 2,800 sorties, killing over 3,000 Islamic State fighters.

Last year, it was reported that the Royal Air Force was operating at its most intense for 25 years in a single theatre of operation which far outstripped the UK involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan – RAF jets have dropped 11 times more bombs (1,276 strikes) on Syria and Iraq in the preceding 12 months than they had in the busiest year of action in Afghanistan a decade previously.

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I love the caveats for regular readers! No sarcy comments please


how do you spell sarcy..it doesn’t look right..its not actually a word is it


Wouldnt you like to know…………………….. Sorry, Sarky 🙂


I thought that was an ex-French president


Or is people from the Isle of Sark who you don’t want posting comments?

It should be Saki…it’s the nom de plume of Hector Munro.


Well I guess the reports of ISIS being defeated were a bit premature.

Captain P Wash

My Thoughts too.

Daniele Mandelli


You know against GOD you can never win….

Be grateful for what God gives you! I certainly am!

As for articles, I remember our Geoffrey submitted one and it was very good I thought, tempted to have a go myself, not sure on what though.

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Oh, sorry George.

Best delete this too.

Captain P Wash

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Captain P Wash

On that note, I’m off, Thanks for all the fun RGR, DM, Mr Bell, Lusty, Ron, Ron5, LeeH, Lee1, Baz, Etc,Etc,Etc,Etc,Etc.

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Oh! Everybody!!! Lets all just be friends and stop this undercurrent of nastiness!

You sound like Corbyn 😉

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Sole! I have openly admitted on here I do like some of his policies!!!!
Like the environment and anti hunting as just two examples!

I just worry about much of the rest!!!


Was just throwing a joke out there for once, unusual for me but but can happen.

CPW, you really do not learn…do you?

This is all very sad things have turned like this. We are like a kind of weird family on here, sometimes having fun, sometimes serious and then the occasional heated exchange. But it all seems to have turned a bit sour. I think it has turned a little silly on here recently, of which I may be a little guilty, and would agree it may be putting off the more serious commentators which I personally rely on to build my knowledge. People like Gunbuster who’s knowledge of everything often astounds me, and Danielle’s ability to real off random regiments I’ve… Read more »

Sounds like a good recipe for progress. We live in fractious times and I must admit that I have been slightly more forthright than I usually am! Last week’s comments about rape in the army were inexcusable…I was one of the first to comment on this and have been labelled a troll. When another contributor joined in, there was a dramatic back-peddling by both CPW and RGR. I don’t think that this is what people want to see on this site. We have had some massive arguments on Brexit which is to be expected….however, turning it into a right-wing boys… Read more »

Daniele Mandelli

Herodotus. You were trolling me above! And were deleted for it! How dare you insult my education like you did. How DARE you. You do not know me from Adam! I have tried on several occasions to be civilised to you, and we have talked quite normally before, about your ship, your career, engineering interests, and even the “rape” comments the other day we were exchanging views correctly! I even held out the olive branch weeks and weeks back and offered to ban all political whispers but you never took me up on it! I can go back and find… Read more »

My comments are not against you directly; however, you support some pretty poor contributors. Why you do so, is your concern. If you end up taking some flak for it, that is your lookout. Choose your friends more carefully!

Daniele Mandelli

Because I am a NICE person who has a SOH. Those commentators, whatever they have said to you or others, have said nothing derogatory, nasty or aggressive towards me.

Unlike you.

And being a “poor” contributor is a matter of opinion.

“you end up taking some flak for it, that is your lookout. ”

Only from you, which I will continue to highlight. No one else. No one.

Olive branch offered and refused, for all to see, as I expected.

Please ignore my posts and I will so happily ignore yours, your not on the same level as Sole in my view I’m afraid.

DM, I love you dearly and would like to marry you and have your babies…that is, if Nigel turns you down!

Daniele Mandelli

“My comments are not against you directly”

Yes they bloody well are and you were deleted twice for it above.

Daniele Mandelli

Nigel is taken. And so am I!!!!


Nigel is separated from his German wife…

So, the rumours are true! He’s a lucky man!

Glass Half Full

Just a quick comment in support of the site in general and the plan to incorporate an improved commenting capability. Commenting systems can get quite sophisticated with up/down voting, text formatting, bulleting, image and gif attachments etc, but I’d suggest that just a simple ability to request email notification when someone responds to one’s comment, like SaveTheRoyalNavy, plus an ability for commenters to flag inappropriate posts would go a long way to making the site both more engaging and perhaps a little easier to moderate.

Yeah definitely, and a like/dislike system so we can sort comments either newest/most liked, seems to be common on other comments sections.

That was quick haha, well done George.

– rolls eyes – Well, I do think there is a fine line between having a bit of a joke about the state of our nations military affairs and laying our insults to each other. I admit I do come here for the comments – both the informative ones and those who make light of the situation. Everyone’s mostly friendly, with some fantastic contributors from all aspects of society represented. Now, I can’t really claim to be one of those myself -I’m probably too bias towards the navy for my own good- but I enjoy contributing to some of the… Read more »

Glass Half Full

I too have found myself trying to parse out what is new and what is not in some “deja vu” articles. However, the new format with a clear Backgrounder section, whether it is on Op Shader or any other content, is IMHO a good move because it provides context for the drive-by visitor to the site, who may not be a regular reader or indeed even particularly up to speed on military topics in general.

I am in agreement with that.

The new comments section is great George, Love it.

I guess we all take different things from the site according to what you want to read – personally i only add something when i have something usefull to add or i feel the need to respond a some nugget with an ill thought comment (such as Marc comment about Italians). some of the chit chat between RGR and the Cap is interesting, some plain pointless and most somewhere in between – but i as everyone has the choice, if you dont like then dont read but if you step in then be prepared for some return fire. Banter and… Read more »


On the range thing I would love to see a cost comparison of per-sortie prices for a French CdG-based Syria mission (as the French were doing in 2016) vs an RAF Akrotiri-launched one where the later presumably involves a fair bit of AAR support. People tend to talk about the cost of our carriers but I often wonder about the extent of the cost savings that we will ultimately be able to credit to the other side of the equation to reflect future savings arising from lower per-sortie costs when the carriers allow us to get our aircraft closer to… Read more »

Daniele Mandelli

Afternoon Julian. Not seen you here in a while.

In Libya that was one criticism of GR4 operations, both from the UK direct and from Italy.


Afternoon Daniele. Yeah, I got a bit busy with a few things including the bl*#!y gas engineer refusing to service my boiler because one tiny bit of plastic at the very end of the flue got broken off and apparently that means the whole end section of the flue needs replacing so trying to get less-extortionate quotes to get that fixed. Grrrr…. Maybe that’s why I’ve got financial implications of stuff on my mind at the moment.

Looks like I missed a few fun and games on here while I was away!

Daniele Mandelli

Sadly yes. The worst of the spats were deleted.

andy reeves

still no talk on the tornado replacement, maybe a squadron of f15’s?