The expansion of BAE Systems Typhoon Training Facility at RAF Lossiemouth was completed recently, say the Ministry of Defence.

The upgrade to the Typhoon flight simulation training system now allows RAF Lossiemouth squadrons to train in a formation of four aircraft, known as a ‘4 ship’, a formation that is essential on operations.

According to a press release:

“The expansion of the Typhoon Training Facility (TTF) saw the installation of 2 additional Emulated Deployable Cockpit Trainers (EDCT), or flight simulators.  Previously, with just two flight simulators, RAF Lossiemouth based squadrons had to travel to RAF Coningsby to do ‘4 ship’ exercises in the simulators there, or ‘live fly’ which used valuable resources such as aircraft, fuel and support assets. 

Furthermore the training would also be subject to aircraft equipment serviceability, the weather conditions and available training airspace.  With a ‘4 ship’ capability now at RAF Lossiemouth the Moray based squadrons can now plan to execute a high quality training mission, involving all of the requisite assets and systems, with a greater deal of confidence – saving on time and assets.”

Air Commodore Ian Duguid, Typhoon Force Commander said;

“The two additional EDCTs at the Typhoon Training Facility (North) provide RAF Lossiemouth with an organic ‘4 ship’ training capability which will enable pilots to undertake the most demanding mission scenarios.

Flying challenging missions in the simulator provides an excellent learning environment for our pilots to hone their skills. Having recently flown in a ‘4 ship’ mission at TTF(N), I can say first-hand how important it is that this capability has been delivered. My thanks go to the Whole Force team that worked tirelessly to install the additional devices in record time.”

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Ian (@guest_408586)
3 years ago



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Peter Crisp
Peter Crisp (@guest_408622)
3 years ago

This should save quite a bit of money by them using real aircraft less. With this and the draw-down in forces in Afghanistan will we see the life of the typhoons extended simply due to less use?

reaper (@guest_408624)
3 years ago
Reply to  Peter Crisp

they never got used in Afghan because they couldn’t perform CAS. youd never see tornado or Harrier do anything when they were there either. the US A10s, B1s, F16s and Cobras were always on station alongside the UK Apache. Thank the Lord for the USAF is all I can say. they dug us out the shit more times than I care to remember.

John F
John F (@guest_408708)
3 years ago

As a great military aviator once said, the ones who win at air combat are the ones who have spent most time in the air practising.