Typhoons have completed their second interception in less than a week as part of the NATO Baltic Air Policing mission.

According to the Ministry of Defence, British aircraft shadowed two Su-27 Flanker fighters and an IL-20 ‘Coot-A’ Reconnaissance aircraft to the north of Estonia when two more Su-27 Flankers were detected and intercepted. The interception came about as the initially unidentified aircraft were operating without transmitting recognised identification codes nor were they communicating with regional air traffic control centres.

Defence Secretary Michael Fallon said:

For the second time in a week, the RAF have been on hand to respond to Russian activity at a moment’s notice. 24 hours a day, seven days a week, we will continue to secure the Baltic skies on behalf of NATO and our allies.

The lead Typhoon pilot said:

The Baltic Control and Reporting Centre had radar contact on the unidentified aircraft and ordered us to scramble, as always we were airborne in minutes and intercepted and identified the variety of Russian military aircraft. We remain on standby all day, every day to respond to any requests of this nature, this is what we do.

The Commanding Officer of 140 Expeditionary Air Wing, Wing Commander Gordon Melville, said:

Today we again demonstrated the RAF’s ability to launch our Quick Reaction Alert aircraft quickly to investigate aircraft operating in the vicinity of the Baltic states as part of our support to the NATO Baltic Air Policing mission. Several years’ experience operating in this area indicates that we can expect further similar activity in the months ahead. Our mission continues, and our NATO allies can stand assured of the UK’s full support for their defence.

According to the MoD, during the last UK deployment in the region, Typhoons were scrambled 17 times and intercepted more than 40 Russian aircraft.

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Paul Taunton

I bet the Russians were scared!!!!

One day all the bluster from Fallon will be called into question and challenged, and then we will see the impact of the defence cuts.

Louis Reay

Shoot the bastards down and teach Putin a lesson that we won’t be bullied that way, I know they invade like everyday of the week but they need to calm down right ?

UK Defence Journal

Shoot aircraft down in international airspace?

Louis Reay

I think they wouldn’t play by the rules so why do we ? Yes we are the bigger man but they need to cut down and quit being asses

George Rooney

Why don’t you volunteer yourself and loved ones to fight the Russians?

Louis Reay

Had this country been run properly in the first place we wouldn’t have to, your happy with Russia invading everyday ? Seeing what we got ? Looking for “weak points”

Louis Reay

They need to keep far enough away as to not trigger our jets so we don’t have to worry, why are they there in the first place ?

Brendan Clarke

Im guessing its what the russians are wanting us to do obv testing our response times etc its what they do as for shooting them out of the sky thats also what theyre probably wanting us to do..

Christopher Wood

I add this and direct it to the charming and gung-ho types here.Communicate and always communicate more.We can defend but never attack.Peace and trade…Expect these aircraft and monitor but act with honour always.We have a defence system and industry…not a total war industry.Starting a war between two nuclear nations might not be a good idea as we would all end up fried and that could ruin everyones afternoon.

Craig Close

What is Russia doing in the baltic… hmmm that’s like saying what are we doing in the north Sea!

David Anthony Simpson

Good Grief…. are there really people who think like that? Clearly there are.

Brendan Clarke

Those su-27’s are an awesome looking aircraft i must say… well done once again to the R.a.f

Christian Rogers

Wait what? The RAF operate Typhoons, where’d you get SU-27 from?

Christian Rogers

Ignore me, just noticed the image ?

Simon White

Outnumbered ? That’s concerning

Filip Bernatowicz

Why though? It’s in the Baltic Sea, Russia actually has land on the Baltic Sea. Seems kind of dickish.

Daniel Adams

Generally they do not have transponders on so are invisible to civilian air traffic control. They use our aircraft to visually site them.

Filip Bernatowicz

Ah, alright.

Graham Mann

Good practise send them a bill for fuel


I don’t understand the negative comments against Russia for this.

It is just a reality of the situation we are in.

NATO has been doing huge military excerices, clearly aimed at flexing their muscles towards Russia, and Russia is doing the same with these fly pasts.

Ultimately it is just polictics and has nothing really to do about military threats.


Russia has been doing this for years.

The majority of NATO exercises in the region are in response to Russia’s ghost invasion of Ukraine and increased rhetoric.

The reason for that is because of an expanding EU under NATO protection.

Adrian Bennett

Cool heads will prevail well done RAF