The Defence Secretary Michael Fallon has visited Turkey where he is due to meet the Turkish Prime Minister, the Chief of the General Staff, the Foreign and Defence Ministers, and Under Secretary for Defence Industries.

The visit, the first by a Defence Secretary for five years and the first by a senior UK minister since the Turkish election will underline the UK’s strong support – bilaterally and through NATO – for Turkey.

It will involve detailed discussions on:

  • How the two countries can work together to better target ISIL leaders in Iraq, as well as financial and oil infrastructure, and lines of communication;
  • How NATO can best demonstrate solidarity with Turkey in the face of Russian incursions into its airspace;
  • Tackling the flow of foreign fighters, including from the UK;
  • Boosting moderate opposition elements in Syria, in the face of regime, Russian, Iranian and ISIL attacks and;
  • Opportunities for UK industry through Defence exports and collaboration programmes.

Defence Secretary Michael Fallon said:

It is vital that the UK and Turkey work closely to tackle terrorism. We want to do more together to target key ISIL figures and infrastructure, and to stem the flow of foreign fighters.

We will also stand firmly behind our NATO ally in the face of Russian incursions into its airspace. Turkey’s border is NATO’s border and it must be respected.

With growing instability in the region it is more important than ever that the UK cements the already strong ties with Turkey. The visit will allow the Defence Secretary to recognise the key role Turkey is playing in the counter-ISIL Global Coalition air campaign and demonstrate the UK’s resolve to provide support and reassurance through NATO in deterring unhelpful Russian behaviour.

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Tom Baker
6 years ago

Makes a change from turkey bombing the Kurds

Mostafa ElHenawii
6 years ago

Fuck !! All the terrorism happend in the world because of fuckin uk and turkey

UK Defence Journal
6 years ago


Mostafa ElHenawii
6 years ago

Don’t mentation it sir

Andy Berry
6 years ago

really? that is the highest and most intellectual word you can use?!? ever thought there might be children reading these posts?!? try a few less colourful metaphors that mean nothing more than an exclamation mark and say nothing, and try a few more words which have, you know, like, actual meanings and stuff!


Martin Baker
6 years ago
geoffrey roach
geoffrey roach
6 years ago

Mostafa seems to have a wonderful grasp of Anglo Saxon. Perhaps he should try history next. I could have sworn that most of the last 100 years has been by the democracies stopping the advance of fascist and communist dictatorships who are responsible for the death and misplacement of millions of innocent people worldwide