There have been new appointments to the posts of Vice Chief of the Defence Staff, First Sea Lord and Chief of Naval Staff, Chief of the Air Staff and Commander Joint Forces Command.

The following list comes directly from the Ministry of Defence.

Vice Admiral Timothy Fraser CB is to be promoted Admiral and appointed Vice Chief of the Defence Staff, in succession to General Gordon Messenger;

Vice Admiral Tony Radakin CB is to be promoted Admiral and appointed First Sea Lord and Chief of Naval Staff, in succession to Admiral Sir Philip Jones;

Air Marshal Michael Wigston CBE is to be promoted Air Chief Marshal and appointed as Chief of the Air Staff, in succession to Air Chief Marshal Sir Steven Hillier;

Lieutenant General Patrick Sanders CBE, DSO is to be promoted General and appointed Commander Joint Forces Command, in succession to General Sir Christopher Deverell.

Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson said:

“I am delighted to congratulate this new group of defence chiefs on their appointments. Forward-looking and keen to modernise the Armed Forces, these are the transformational leaders we need in these challenging times.

The appointment of a new generation of commanders will ensure that Britain remains ready to face the threats of tomorrow and continues to be a major player on the world stage.”

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Well we have got enough Chief`s, Reckon we need a few more Indian`s.

w. martin

Yes and will any of this lot step forward and defend our veterans NO I did not think so. Bunch of hanger on if I ever saw.

andy reeves

i hope they perform better than their predecessors


Do t talk utter crap

Daniele Mandelli

These are major 3 and 4 star appointments, they are few. Mod has cut senior posts repeatedly like all the rest of the devices. I have no issue with senior commanders in post. My issue is with the pathetic waffle coming out of the DS mouth in those 2 paragraphs. We dont need “transformational leaders” we need cross party commitment on defence, proper ring fenced budgets, and successor removed from core. And as for his last paragraph. Deary me. New commanders wont ensure we are ready for threats or remain a player on the world stage, nor will wishy washy… Read more »


Somewhat an odd question, as neither Daniele not anyone else here is in government or in a position to do anything about it. He is right though; no matter how good at their jobs these new chiefs are, they can only work with what they have. I don’t mind Dreadnought being in the core budget if the pensions were removed from it and handed back to the treasury. I hope these chiefs do as Gavin Williamson has done and push for greater funding. I respect Williamson for that but what he and his new chiefs should do is set out… Read more »

The riddler

Not an odd question at all. Most of the comments on here are from armchair generals. I don’t mean to be offensive but none of their points are being heard or are absolute fantasy coming from those that have never walked a mile in a pair of altbergs.

If you want to drive change then write to your MP. They don’t give a shit because they’re allowed to get away with doing their own thing. They aren’t held accountable as they should be, as a voice of the electorate. The USA this ain’t, we’ve become a dictatorship.


Ah. I thought you were perhaps suggesting some here get a job in politics. I was thinking that would take a while lol.

Daniele Mandelli

Riddler. Armchair general or current or ex serving has NOTHING to do with commenting on a public forum such as this when one is expressing an opinion on words and actions on HMG. My views are as valid as yours. My views will NOT be valid when I’m talking like a Walter Mittey on technical details or experiences I have not had which you will never find me doing on UKDJ or anywhere else. Which is why on numerous articles on this site on specifics I make no comment and instead read with interest and admiration those who have the… Read more »

andy reeves

can’t say i agree with much of that,i keep my local m.p busy with lots of stuff i,as a voter want to know. as i’ve said before write to your local m.p and ask him to forward your letter to the M.O.D the mod will reply(eventually) and kindly ensure you are aware of what was said in the last election manifesto


another thing about ‘our gav.’ is that he’s made himself known and you can’t say that about those before him

Daniele Mandelli

Ah TH welcome back. Your usual standard I see.

I’m speaking my opinion on a public forum read by tens of thousands which hopefully leads some to agree.

Better than sitting in silence.

The more who hold a negative opinion about an issue the better if it is then thrown back in HMG faces making them look bad.

Glad that’s cleared up!


Actually I agree with TH about contacting our Mps. That’s not a bad idea at all. Will it do much? Probably not. But NHS and pensions have millions backing them, while defence has relatively few. No one is going out on protest over MoD cuts. But as TH said, we can write.

Daniele Mandelli

He has suggested that many times and yes I too agree with him.

Writing to your MP will not change wider public opinion though.

And anyway. No one here knows anyone else so why assume myself and others have not?

Steve Taylor

It is a troll.

He is probably on a site about house plants now complaining about the majority of pots being cylindrical.

Steve Taylor

Don’t be stupid. I don’t think anybody seriously believes there comments here will influence anybody you prancing idiot. Just as comments on say rugby when watching the Tigers will influence anything that is done out on the park on the Saturday afternoon. Or anything we say about the NHS. Or the BBC. Or any other face or sphere of life beyond that which we can directly influence you uttter f*ckwit. Good grief if you think the commentators here lack perspective on the world I would start to consider your own position. Many here do write to politicians. Heck some even… Read more »

Daniele Mandelli

TH. I think you know full well what I meant, which was I had not seen you post for awhile.

No doubt you and countless thousands lurk without posting.

And you’re putting words in peoples mouth again, I’m talking about opinions of people, people who visit here, post here, lurk here.

You know this full well but are being your usual Troll self.

Go ahead. You bother me not one jot.

Daniele Mandelli

Steve Taylor.

Thank you. Point well made, better than I. TH is a long time troll here but I debunk his debunking as it deserves. Most just ignore him.

David E Flandry

TH, you keep asking this question, as if everyday people have as much influence as a minister or MP. They normally do not.

andy reeves

my gripe is, that the navy has more admirals than ships, if we, by some miracle had more ships i’d put them back to sea.

Peter french

One hopes that these apointments are more capable and convincing than the long retired puffed up self regarding Admiral West.