The United Kingdom has committed to identifying, exposing, and countering Russian efforts to acquire military equipment from North Korea, according to a statement by UK Permanent Representative to the UN, Ambassador Barbara Woodward, at the UN Security Council meeting on North Korea.

Ambassador Woodward highlighted that since 2006, the Security Council has adopted nine resolutions condemning North Korea’s nuclear and ballistic missile activities.

These resolutions, unanimously adopted, also imposed sanctions prohibiting the transfer of arms and related materials between North Korea and any UN member state.

“Russia has violated these resolutions repeatedly. There is now a continuous flow of cargo between Russia and the DPRK. This includes munitions and ballistic missiles, as reported by UN experts in April and our briefer today,” stated Ambassador Woodward.

She further noted that North Korea is also procuring refined petroleum from Russia, likely exceeding the UNSCR-mandated cap. “Russia does not even attempt to hide its behaviour. Russia brazenly vetoed the renewal of the 1718 Panel of Experts, and during President Putin’s visit to Pyongyang this month, Kim Jong-Un praised the active cooperation between the two countries, including in military affairs,” she said.

Ambassador Woodward warned that in exchange for weapons and Russia’s protection in the Council, North Korea is seeking trade and military assistance, further circumventing UN sanctions and increasing regional security risks. “These violations have serious consequences for millions of people worldwide,” she stated.

Highlighting the impact, she added, “North Korean missiles are being used in the destruction of Kharkiv, bringing misery, injury, and death to Ukrainian civilians. Ammunition is helping Russia prolong its war, which continues to exact a heavy toll on women and children.”

Ambassador Woodward criticised Russia’s actions for damaging the non-proliferation regime and making the world a more dangerous place. She emphasized that the UK will work with all willing countries to counter these violations and protect the global non-proliferation regime. “It is an abuse of this organisation and its principles that Russia so openly and deliberately violates the UN sanctions regime, on top of its flagrant breach of the UN Charter in Ukraine,” she asserted.

She concluded by urging all members of the Council to call out Russia’s actions clearly and commit to working together to protect the UN, the non-proliferation system, and global peace and security. “All of us who believe in this Council must call Russia out clearly and must commit to working together to protect the UN, the non-proliferation system, and global peace and security,” she said.

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Jacko (@guest_830583)
6 days ago

While Russia sits on the security council the UN is as much use as a chocolate teapot!

dc647a (@guest_830585)
6 days ago

In other words nothing will happen because Russia will just veto any action against its self.. the UN has about much clout as a toothless dog… All show no bite

Thomas (@guest_830915)
4 days ago
Reply to  dc647a

Not much happened when the U.K. killed thousands in Iraq for nothing either eh ?

Jonno (@guest_832300)
7 minutes ago
Reply to  Thomas

Why say that it was half finished business after as usual the USA left Gulf War One, prematurely although there was a valid UN resolution authorising that.
Russia is a whole very much more serious case without a shred of justification except Imperialism.
Russia should be suspended from the security council.

Val (@guest_830589)
6 days ago


Geoff Roach
Geoff Roach (@guest_830597)
6 days ago

Another organisation that could be wrapped up.

Jonathan (@guest_830648)
5 days ago
Reply to  Geoff Roach

In reality the security council was a way to keep the strategic nuclear powers around the table and not triggering MAD…it’s why the ticket to the top table has been for a long time strategic weapons.

Lee John fursman
Lee John fursman (@guest_830685)
5 days ago
Reply to  Jonathan

Trigger MAD it is f… Ing mad and so is having the turks in nato when they are obviously on the other side… Well to stop north Korea and Putin we could send a strong message by telling them how many ships we could send….. Not.

Pete (@guest_832011)
1 day ago

Turks aren’t on the other side..they are just independent of big brother party line… bit like the French but Muslim

Lee John fursman
Lee John fursman (@guest_832028)
1 day ago
Reply to  Pete

Just won’t answer…

Pete (@guest_832176)
8 hours ago


Marked (@guest_830609)
5 days ago

So what are we going to do exactly other than send a strongly worded letter?

Daniele Mandelli
Daniele Mandelli (@guest_830617)
5 days ago
Reply to  Marked

It is just typical HMG grandstanding.
Even if there was actual action taken what would we do when Vladivostok and N Korea are pretty much next door to each other, with 2 River OPV.
The trade might even move via China.

Tommo (@guest_830819)
5 days ago

And I wonder ,how many Russian troops get killed using NK munitions and weapons ?

Dario (@guest_830828)
5 days ago
Reply to  Marked

In french language F. All!

simon alexander
simon alexander (@guest_830613)
5 days ago

seize russian assets in uk and the west

Frank62 (@guest_830635)
5 days ago

Hasn’t that already happened? UKR funded a loan using the interest from seized Russian funds.

Jonathan (@guest_830647)
5 days ago

UK to counter Russia being supplied with weapons by North Korea, by buying MBT and self propelled artillery from South Korea.

Leslie (@guest_830735)
5 days ago

What all the NATO and UN Countries should have done was gone into Ukraine before Russia did and called Putin out. But Biden is a weak old frat can’t think for him self and wouldn’t commit the US to doing the right thing and all the other countries are not strong enough on their own to take on Russia with out the US.Putin will never get out of Ukraine because the world is afraid he will push the button and blow us all to hell and himself to. Best we can hope for that some one will grow some balls… Read more »

Stephen Clay
Stephen Clay (@guest_830880)
5 days ago
Reply to  Leslie

I could be wrong, but Putin, his generals etc have all amassed money, properties, yachts etc. I don’t think they want to lose all that…they know if they press the button, we do the same.
You can see what happened with covid. The aftermath of even a ‘small scale’ nuclear exchange would be so much worse than anyone can imagine.
Putin is a murdering bastard. Mad, but maybe not ‘OTT’ mad…

Lee John fursman
Lee John fursman (@guest_832182)
7 hours ago
Reply to  Leslie

In todays world saying balls is damn right sexist don’t you know?? 😅😅

Robert H
Robert H (@guest_830834)
5 days ago

Aren’t We, Hypocrites, along with America, who Colectively, come against Russia, supplying the Ukraine with weapons and sacrifice both Ukrainians and Russian forces by pouring more fuel on the fire

Aaron L
Aaron L (@guest_831330)
3 days ago
Reply to  Robert H

It’s a case of f*&# around and find out really. Russia wasn’t forced to invade Ukraine, it chose to start the war and now is seeing the consequences of that.

Realistically, Ukraine was a long way from joining NATO before the war even started due to the issues that they had going on in the east of the country.

Lee John fursman
Lee John fursman (@guest_832183)
6 hours ago
Reply to  Robert H

Better off letting Putin take whatever he likes… Right???… Peace in our time stuff.

Aaron Paul
Aaron Paul (@guest_830858)
5 days ago

Meanwhile it’s ok for the UK & US to sell it’s weapons to Isreal to use on innocent Palestinions mainly Woman & Children! The hypocrasy is sickening .

HamishUK (@guest_830882)
5 days ago
Reply to  Aaron Paul

But it’s ok for Palestine to kill innocent civilians…. again families enjoying a day out. The hypocrisy is indeed sickening. Grow up.

rmj (@guest_831285)
3 days ago

Our int community are simply outstanding at this. I’ve no doubt we can expose and track equipment whether we can do anything about it is another matter.