The UK F-35 avionics and aircraft component repair hub in North Wales has been awarded a second major assignment of work worth some £500m by the US Department of Defense.

Following the announcement in 2016 that the UK would be the location of the global repair hub for the initial tranche of F-35 components, today’s news sees significantly more UK support work to the cutting-edge jets.

According to a news release:

“This new assignment will support hundreds of additional F-35 jobs in the UK – many of them at the MOD’s Defence & Electronics Components Agency (DECA) at MOD Sealand, where the majority of the work will be carried out. It will see crucial maintenance, repair, overhaul and upgrade services for an even wider range of F-35 avionic, electronic and electrical systems for hundreds of F-35 aircraft based globally.  

The winning solution builds on the innovative joint venture formed between the MOD (DECA), BAE Systems and Northrop Grumman called Sealand Support Services Ltd (SSSL). SSSL support work and services for F-35 are scheduled to commence from 2020.”

Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson said:

“This announcement keeps Britain right at the centre of the global F-35 partnership, the largest defence programme in history. It is a vote of confidence in our highly-skilled workforce and high-tech industry that provides us and our allies with the very best of what British engineering has to offer.

Our vision of Global Britain brings with it new and exciting opportunities to provide top quality goods made in Britain to the rest of the world. This deal builds on the strong foundations of the UK’s enduring defence partnership with the US. It is a significant boost for British jobs and those highly-skilled workers who enable these world-class fighter jets to continue keeping us safe and secure.”

The UK has been awarded 9 out of the 15 available assignments by the US Department of Defense, more than any other international competitor.

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Smashing it Mr Williamson. Nice one


Fantastic news. The investment made as tier one partners by the British government is being paid back in spades

Daniele Mandelli

Good stuff.

As I keep reminding the moaners who say we dont have the engine overhaul work.

We have DARA Sealand.


Maybe not for much longer the way turkey is going on

Daniele Mandelli

Would be nice.

What expertise do Turkey have over British engineers concerning engines FFS.

None whatsoever.


Williamson strikes me a chap who will stand and fight for the UK’s defence, rather than being half commited with one eye on his future career within the cabinet. Sadly, he will move on, and many will possibly moan his passing. There does appear to be a vibrancy in the way he runs things, so let’s hope he won’t move on too soon.

Steve R

If he moves on at all let’s hope it’s to No10!

We need someone with his passion running things and also if he were PM he may put pressure on the chancellor to properly fund defence as he knows from experience how much it is needed.


Nigel Collins

You mean 11!


Now who said the the US was giving us a sneaky under the table one to support a permanent indo Pacific deployment…………?

R cummings

Yes, it’s the bride price for some bit of political-military chicanery to be sure. The US Bannonistas are VERY keen to be in the UK post-Brexit, selling us that lovely hormone-fed beef and chlorine-washed chicken, cherry-picking the remains of our industrial base and above all getting their privatising hands on the NHS, national insurance, schools and universities – lots of fast bucks to be made out of us! Of course, a lot of red tape will have to go – environmental protection legislation, workers’ rights, product safety rules and the US courts being the arbiter in the case of any… Read more »

Robert Blay

Bet your a barrel of laughs down the pub ?

R cummings

Indeed, anywhere but Wetherspoons!


Become a lackey state to the USA…no chance of that happening whilst we are still in the EU!


Get ready for the BBC’s “in spite of Brexit”……

David Steper

Andrew. You need to watch Sky and ITN. If you think the beeb is bad !

Daniele Mandelli

I would not watch any for unbiased coverage to be fair.


If only the UK could match the successful defence aviation capability with a better defence marine construction capability, we would get a greater share of international orders. Building the RFA support ships and 2 littoral strike ships in the UK would help:

Daniele Mandelli