The P-8 Poseidon basing agreement was signed earlier in the year by Harriett Baldwin, Under Secretary of State for Defence Procurement.

Some have suggested that this is due to the relatively low numbers to be operated by the UK.

In 2019 the UK will take delivery of its first Poseidon P-8A aircraft and both nations have committed to deepen their defence cooperation when operating in the North Atlantic region.

A press release states:

“Through seeking opportunities to share logistics and support bases and optimise the use of P-8A aircraft, particularly in Europe, the declaration should ensure increased value for money and operational effectiveness.”

Harriett Baldwin said:

“The United States is our pre-eminent ally in global defence and collective security. This declaration is further evidence of how our two countries continue to cooperate and build mutual security, particularly in the North Atlantic region. Backed by a rising defense budget and a £178 billion Equipment Plan, the P-8A program will provide us with enhanced surveillance capabilities.”

The declaration provides a new opportunity to maximise value for money for the taxpayer and continue to strengthen UK-US interoperability and ‘to pursue efficiencies in operations and support’ say the US, including at RAF Lossiemouth in Scotland, where the P-8A will bring some 400+ jobs.

“The Department of Defense and U.K. Ministry of Defense plan to cooperate closely on operation of their P-8A aircraft in the North Atlantic to ensure a coherent approach to MPA activity.”

Air Commodore Ian Gale, senior responsible owner for the Poseidon P-8A program, said:

“This agreement will enhance the UK’s maritime patrol capability and further strengthen UK-US defence relations. The arrival of the Poseidon P-8A in 2019 will provide the U.K. with significantly increased capabilities and bring hi-tech employment to Scotland and the wider UK.”

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When will this start?

As of now? Or in 2019 as we receive our first P8? Or some time in-between?


Good to see us working more and more with the Americans while the EU turns against NATO and creates its own little defence echo chamber. Europeans sponged off us and more so the Americans since WWII so getting back to the old and more secure alliance makes total sense to me.

Steven Jones

Agree 100%. I wouldnt trust France, Spain, Italy or Greece as far as i could throw them.


If you believe that America’s stratical objective is to prevent a power matching them on both land and sea. With the lickly closer and closer integration militarily I wonder if slowly but surely America will see the EU as a rival as it begins to attempt to assert it self on things such as climate change and the politics with in NATO.


This makes sense. Good that we are co-operating tightly with US, shameful that we still have to hide under their coat tails because we won’t fund depth for ourselves. Hope Trump & Mattis give Govt serious kick in pants.

David Stone

Getting slightly bored with the £178b sound byte from both Fallon and Baldwin now


It would be nice if someone asked them why it is still a £175b budget even after the £ fell against the $. Surely it implies further cuts?