The US test launch was meant verify the accuracy and reliability of the weapon system, ‘providing valuable data to ensure a continued safe, secure and effective nuclear deterrent’, US Air Force officials said.

“This test was a developmental test launch, which differs from routine operational test launches. Rather than randomly selecting a fielded ICBM to verify fleet-wide reliability, a developmental test launch uses a spare missile from storage to validate flight worthiness of new or replacement components in an as-near-to operational environment as possible.

Flight Test Unit 2 is the second of four FTUs scheduled over the next several years to validate replacement components that will ensure continued Minuteman III viability.

FTU 1 occurred in February 2019.”

“It’s been an incredible opportunity for the combined task force of combat crew and maintenance members from F.E. Warren, Minot and Malmstrom AFB to partner with the professionals from the 576th Flight Test Squadron and 30th Space Wing,” said Maj. Christopher Crommie, task force commander, in a news release.

“I am extremely proud of the team’s hard work, professionalism and dedication to accomplish a unique and important mission to prepare the ICBM for test and monitor the sortie up until test execution. The attention given to every task accomplished here reflects the precision and professionalism they – and our fellow Airmen up north – bring every day to ensure the success of our mission out in the missile fields.”

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Dennis Reeves

Do they still pop an email to Putin to save him firing a shed load of plutonium back at the US?


When I was based on Ascension Island , the Yanks would send over a load of aircraft and ships twice a year and lob a few ICBMs over from Florida our way. We (A gang of us from the mess) would travel up to to the BBC bar at Two boats which had an outside veranda which overlooked the Island and whilst knocking back a Castles or two we would watch a very expensive fireworks display. we would joke that the next time we saw something similar we would need a really good sunblock.

Daniele Mandelli


Are the antenna for the CSO site at Two Boats located there or elsewhere on the Island?


Two Boats, Georgetown and Travellers are pure accommodation blocks. The aerial farms are dotted around the island, usually at the end of a long dusty road.

Interesting snippet behind Gerogetown town is a hill . On top of that hill can be found two 5.5inch guns taken from HMS Hood during a refit . You can actually drive up there and play about with them. Should have taken a camera.

Daniele Mandelli

Thanks. Yes I have studied the island on GE and there are antenna farms everywhere. Was just trying to work out the “interesting” bits, apart from the MoD DHFCS, BBC, and US military stuff.


its a loverly place to visit, I was lucky and spent 6 months there. When I was there there were around 100 RAF and 6 Army, naturally I was in charge of the army and backed up the RAF SWO . As the total number of Brits was so small, we all were given secondary duties mine was running the R&R cell for people from the Falklands. That entailed visiting all of the Island in which to able to talk with first hand knowledge when I gave the initial brief at the airhead. For example somebody had acquired small red… Read more »

Daniele Mandelli

Fascinating Farouk. I know you’ve talked of your time on Ascension several times on here over the years, I was all ears.

I’d love to go to look but I didn’t think civilians were allowed unless they are connected to the DoD or MoD?
Rules me out.

Thank you. I enjoy hearing these stories from our vets.Respect.


Daniele wrote: “I’d love to go to look but I didn’t think civilians were allowed unless they are connected to the DoD or MoD? Rules me out.” That was the case , however when I flew down south a few years ago, I got talking to a Swedish tourist on the pan at Assi. I naturally asked what he was doing there and he replied he was visiting (That said I’m pretty sure he said it cost him £3K on flights) I checked on my return and hes right. The Island has been opened up. That said, I’m pretty… Read more »