The US-flagged merchant vessel Maersk Kinloss has rescued three Iranian mariners.

The Maersk company informed the US Navy of the rescue of the mariners, who had been stranded at sea for several weeks.

According to the US Navy, this communication was enabled through the relationship between the commercial maritime industry and NAVCENT’s Naval Cooperation and Guidance for Shipping team.

“The rescue is an example of professional mariners rendering assistance to others in distress at sea, a responsibility and mission that we in the U.S. Navy share and take very seriously.”

The stranded mariners were transferred to the Omani coast guard, who are coordinating their return to Iran.

Ed Hanley, vice president of labor and marine standards for Maersk Line, said:

“Rendering assistance to save lives if possible is not only international law and custom of the sea, but it is also the right thing to do. Sadly, the Iranians said that in the course of being adrift over 19 days, several other ships had stopped, provided them with food and water, but refused to take them aboard. Whether this was to avoid the cost of delays associated with rescue efforts or for other reasons we can never know.”

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Ryan Connelly
Ryan Connelly
1 year ago

An excellent example of looking past borders and religion and doing what’s right despite what may be happening between their respective countries

1 year ago
Reply to  Ryan Connelly

too true,cannot believe they say other ships stopped to give food etc but not to take them onboard or give safety,however the Iran government won,t look at it in any positive type of way,as they did not give a stuff about the hostages in the Iranian embassy in 1980,apart from they would become martyrs

1 year ago

They were lucky they weren’t picked up by fellows Iranians. They probably would have been held until their families paid a ransom.