The US Navy has commissioned its newest guided-missile destroyer, the USS Rafael Peralta.

The USS Rafael Peralta honours US Marine Corps Sgt. Rafael Peralta, who was posthumously awarded the Navy Cross for actions during combat operations in Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Peralta is credited with saving the lives of fellow Marines during the second battle of Fallujah in 2004.

Gen. Robert Neller, delivered the ceremony’s principal address. Ms. Rosa Maria Peralta, Sgt. Peralta’s mother, serves as the ship’s sponsor.

Sean Stackley, secretary of the Navy said:

“This commissioning memorializes the life of Sgt. Rafael Peralta and marks the beginning of what will be decades of exceptional service for this ship.

During Operation Iraqi Freedom, Sgt. Peralta acted heroically and sacrificed himself for his fellow Marines. He was proud to be an American, proud to be a Marine and we are proud to welcome USS Rafael Peralta to the fleet. I have no doubt the men and women who serve aboard Peralta will continue his legacy of service.”

According to a press release:

“Rafael Peralta, the 64th Arleigh Burke-class destroyer, will be able to conduct a variety of operations, from peacetime presence and crisis management to sea control and power projection.

Rafael Peralta will be capable of engaging in air, surface and subsurface battles simultaneously and will contain a myriad of offensive and defensive weapons designed to support maritime warfare, including Integrated Air and Missile Defense (IAMD) capabilities.”

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Nice touch

The US really do know how to respect the military and those who serve in it.


I wish,no wishing will not change a thing in our military. I should be like my mate booze and football then all this does not matter.Hate not being able to do anything.

Steven Jones

John, WTF ? i can only assume you are drunk.

Oscar Zulu

Ditto downunder.

First of the Hobart Class AWDs NUSHIP Hobart arrived in Sydney Harbour today ahead of her commissioning later this month.

Mr Bell

Would love the RN to get some Arleigh Burkes! They are great warships.


Yeah, but they’re so old, cold war design. Evolved a bit I suppose. A real destroyer all the same not a big frigate, and that’s not a criticism of the T45 in itself. I kind of dislike them, I guess it’s navy envy 🙁