The U.S Navy say that more than 4,000 Sailors who tested negative for COVID-19 have been in quarantine in hotels off base.

“It will take several days to move all of these Sailors back onboard. After the ship’s arrival to Guam on March 27, approximately 700 Sailors remained on board to maintain critical ongoing operations and begin the cleaning. Since then, the ship underwent an aggressive, multi-pronged cleaning regimen, which balanced effective decontamination with protecting the ship’s critical systems.

Spaces were vacated for seven days – four days longer than the minimum recommended by the Centers for Disease Control – before being thoroughly disinfected. For spaces that were continuously operational, Sailors cleaned the area before leaving it, while the incoming Sailors cleaned it immediately upon arrival.”

The U.S Navy say that to return to the ship, the 4,000 Sailors must have completed their period of quarantine or isolation and tested negative twice.

“Sailors will return to the ship in waves, beginning with those responsible for critical services on board as the ship prepares to return to sea. Meanwhile, the 700 Sailors who have been cleaning and running essential services will begin their isolation. To do this, Sailors will be transported to the ship via buses which will be cleaned in accordance with CDC standards before, between, and after each transit.”

Ship’s leadership will continue to enforce wearing of PPE and adhering to other COVID-19 prevention protocols, the U.S Navy added.

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1 year ago

I hope Brett Crozier gets his job back.