WATCH: 25 Russian heavy bombers strike Syria

The Russian Ministry of Defence have announced that 25 long-range bombers took part in a raid in Syria.

Russian president Putin has also reportedly issued orders for Russian cruiser Moskva to work together with a French naval group led by carrier Charles De Gaulle.

The aircraft, 5 x Tu-160 Blackjack, 6 x Tu-95MS Bear and 14 x Tu-22M3 Backfire bombers flew round trip missions from airbases in Russia to drop a variety of weapons: both air-launched cruise missiles and free fall bombs while being escorted by some Su-27s.

Russian General Staff chief Gen. Valery Gerasimov said Tuesday:

“During a massive airstrike today, 14 important ISIL targets were destroyed by 34 air-launched cruise missiles. The targets destroyed include command posts that were used to coordinate IS activities in the provinces of Idlib and Aleppo, munition and supply depots in the northwestern part of Syria.”

Gerasimov said that on Tuesday alone, 65 sorties were conducted out of Russia’s temporary airbase near Latakia. Among the targets destroyed by Russian airstrikes were eight command centers, eight armories, four plants for making explosives and six fuel storage tanks.



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