On Monday 6 July 2015, a Reaper tracked an ISIL armoured personnel carrier which was used in combat against Iraqi troops. Although the terrorists attempted to conceal their vehicle in a palm grove, this proved no defence against the Reaper, armed with Hellfire missiles. The Reaper subsequently destroyed an armoured pick-up truck, which had been converted to a large car bomb and positioned to hamper Iraqi movements.

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Howie Elliott
5 years ago

brilliant…the more you wipe out these scum the better the world will be….

Vlad Zelikov
5 years ago
John Francis
5 years ago


James Gale
5 years ago

Vlad…So what? Mission accomplished as far as we are concerned without the need for a large diameter bomb.
Also would like to see Russia invest in drones.

Joel Simons
5 years ago


Thomas Brieden
5 years ago

That’s cool!!!

5 years ago

Someone can be seen walking away from the palm tree shortly before the end of the clip. Presumably that was the driver. It’s a shame the drone operator couldn’t have got the missile off 10 seconds earlier and got him as well. One less murderous psychopath out there could only have been a good thing.