WATCH: The S-97 Raider in action


The S-97 Raider is a next-generation light tactical prototype helicopter capable of carrying six troops and external weapons.

Sikorsky plans to build two prototypes of the S-97 as demonstrators. One prototype (P1) will be used for flight testing, while the second (P2) is planned for use as a demonstrator.

The first prototype was planned to fly in late 2013 or early 2014. Sikorsky started construction of the two prototypes in October 2012.

In September 2013, Sikorsky began final assembly of the first S-97 following delivery of the single-piece, all-composite fuselage by Aurora Flight Sciences.


Sikorsky and partner Boeing are to use the S-97’s technology and design process as a basis to develop the SB-1 Defiant, a high-speed rigid rotor co-axial rotorcraft, for the US Army’s Joint Multi-Role Technology Demonstrator (JMR TD) programme.


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Steven Jones

I admit i’m an ignoramus but isnt there a danger of debris from a missile being fired going straight into the rearmost blades and causing serious damage ? It looks cool now, but when things get real…………

Barry Larking

Mixing live footage and C.G.I. is somewhat dubious. Other factors may make this more of a concept than arealistic addition to front line capability.

Mr Bell

Interesting concept looks like it has potential.