WATCH: What is Sea Venom?


Sea Venom is an Anglo-French lightweight anti-ship missile developed by MBDA to equip the Royal Navy and the French Navy.

Sea Venom is designed as a successor to the Royal Navy’s Sea Skua and is designed to attack surface targets, such as fast in-shore attack craft ranging in size of between 50 and 500 tonnes, as well as larger surface targets of up to corvette size.

According to MBDA:

“MBDA is currently developing a solution to meet the requirements of the British and French navies for a future helicopter-launched anti-ship missile. Suitable for both blue water and cluttered littoral operations, Sea Venom / ANL represents a major advance from a technological standpoint.

This new system provides very precise effects against a wide range of threats even in complex environments thus satisfying a recognised and common future need. A high speed, two-way data-link communicates the images “seen” by the missile’s seeker to the operator, who, in addition to initiating an autonomous engagement, can alternatively remain in control of the missile throughout the full duration of its flight.

This optional, man in the loop monitor and control facility enables new capabilities such as: in-flight re-targeting; final aim point correction and refinement; or safe abort. Ultimately, the missile will be able to engage targets situated out of direct line of sight when the launch platform is able to benefit from third party target designation techniques, for example laser illumination.”

It is expected to enter service with the Royal Navy in late 2020.

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