The Yorkshire Regiment recently completed their tour in Afghanistan, handing over the reins to the Welsh Guards, say the MoD.

Soldiers from 1st Battalion The Welsh Guards recently assumed responsibility as part of the Kabul Protection Unit. For the rest of their tour the guardsmen will be in Kabul protecting UK and Coalition mentors as they assist the Afghan National Defence and Security Forces in securing their country.

Operation Toral is the British contribution to NATO’s Resolute Support Mission in Afghanistan. The Welsh Guards are a light mechanized infantry battalion and will provide advisor protection, secure transport and incident response for Resolute Support elements.

The deployment will see the Welsh Guards work alongside the Afghan military and NATO members as they provide security, which will involve safeguarding those training the next generation of Afghan military officers at the Afghanistan National Army Officers’ Academy.

During their deployment, 2nd Battalion The Yorkshire Regiment deployed in response to the attack at the Intercontinental Hotel attack, where they helped rescue 43 hostages. They also responded to two attacks on local defence forces based in Kabul.

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Good luck and safe travels to the Welsh Guards. We’ll soon hit the stage where those deployed to Afghanistan were not even alive during the attacks on September 11th


The problem is, as exponded in the Economist this week, political… no amount of force was ever going to stop this and in the back of minds for these Guards will be if a Lt/Col can be killed, the chances of them being asked to lay it on the line are high. And for what?

RIP The fallen.

Nigel Collins

Best of British, best of luck.
Have a safe deployment.