SPEAR Cap 3 is characterised by the MoD as a capability “focused on the enduring requirement to engage mobile and fixed targets in hostile and complex environments”. The missile takes the shape of a medium-range (<180km), mini-cruise missile (<100kg) designed for internal carriage by the F-35.

MBDA is jointly owned by BAE SYSTEMS (37.5%), EADS (37.5%) and FINMECCANICA (25%).

According to MBDA, the system is effective against:
• Air Defence Units, Ballistic Missile launchers
• Defended structures
• Fast moving and manoeuvring vehicles
• Main Battle Tanks, Self-Propelled Guns, Armoured Personnel Carriers
• Naval vessels

SPEAR Cap 3 has been conceived with the specific characteristics and internal weapon carriage constraints of the F-35B, four missiles can be accommodated on a dedicated launcher in each of the F-35B’s two internal weapon bays.

Mid-course guidance will be via GPS/inertial navigation with a two-way datalink enabling mid-course updates, re-targeting and mission abort functions.

The UK is looking to integrate the Meteor BVR air-to-air missile and the SPEAR Cap 3 stand-off precision guided weapon as part of Block 4 software integration on the F-35. The system could well become missile of choice for anti-surface missions flown pilots launched from the new Queen Elizabeth class aircraft carriers.

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Michael Thomas

Impressive weapon by the sounds of it.

Alan Radisic

Very. Need a ship killer on the F35. This will be awesome flexible weapon and retain stealth.

Alan Radisic
Alan Radisic
Alan Radisic

There are some views that we cant really afford this without a good export book though.

Neil Griffiths
Neil Griffiths
Neil Griffiths

Imagine swarm attack with these

Alan Radisic
James Gale

So good you posted it twice Neil ?


An anti-ship missile would be a good addition to the arsenal, it’s kind of a glaring gap in our ability right now, considering we are a island nation.