While the papers were busy being outraged about sailors having a bit too much to drink and getting into a bit of trouble, other stories showing the crew of HMS Queen Elizabeth for who they really are came to light.

This story comes from a local Jacksonville resident via Facebook and has been reprinted here with permission.

To the Command of the HMS Queen Elizabeth,

I am not anybody of great importance and I don’t have a high position of authority or anything of that nature, I just work in the transportation business as an Uber driver part time while I am finishing my college degree.

Therefore, what I am going to inform you about concerning three sailors on your ship is pretty special since they had nothing to gain for what they did. First, let me say that everyone that I have given a ride to who are sailors on the HMS Queen Elizabeth were exceptionally kind and very respectful to me, and I find it to be very sad that our media here in Jacksonville, Florida only reported on negative circumstances that happened with a small percentage of sailors on your ship.

That is why I want to make sure that you know about these three sailors that helped me out, while expecting nothing in return. At 8:42 pm on Monday, September 10th, I received a call from 301 Atlantic Blvd, Neptune Beach to pick up a man named David and two of his friends to take them back to Mayport Base. I was informed right before I picked them up that I had a headlight out and I was concerned because I needed to replace it or else quit working for the night until I got it fixed.

I was talking to David and the other two sailors from your ship (I never got their names) about it and they told me they worked in the Engineering Dept. on your ship and that they could fix it pretty easily for me.

I was amazed that they would consider taking the time to fix something for someone they didn’t know at all. So we went over to the Auto Zone store and they went in and asked for some tools to begin to change the headlight bulb on my 2007 Honda Fit which really isn’t an easy task because the front bumper is supposed to be removed to change it, but they were pretty skilful and managed to change it without having to remove the bumper. In the dense humidity and heat, being pretty uncomfortable and sweating, yet without one complaint, they gave their time to help out a stranger and I will never forget their kindness. 

I want to say thank you to David and his friends again by letting you know what they did, but I also want to thank you, the Command of the HMS Queen Elizabeth, for having such excellent sailors on your ship.

Bonnie Ginter

It’s the spirit of the men and women of HMS Queen Elizabeth that should be remembered from this trip, not the spirits they had to drink.

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Indeed. It is so easy to go sensational on some reasonably minor bad behaviour. I mean it is not like the US sailors are not renowned for trashing places when they get into port… Glad to hear a positive story and one that is likely very common although rarely reported.


but lets face it, sensationalism is what the media thrives on…. the amount of rubbish that actually takes precedent over actual news these days is ridiculous…. and that’s even before fake news, etc gets involved….

Steve M

So glad to see this shared. Now to copy in that local newspaper who released the sailors images….


(Chris H) And another American military view is humorously expressed here. And the end comments are worth a read as well:


While I think Portsmouth News were bang out of order publishing names and face photos of the 6 lads maybe for their first run ashore on foreign soil they could have been more aware this was a trip under intense media spotlight, QE is THE most important ship in the RN and maybe kept a lid on the drinking? Just that once?


Yep, I agree. They really should be on their best behaviour. However it only takes one or two people to be idiots when they drink and stories like that come out. Perhaps they should have sent officers out with them all in order to self police the drinking.

barry white

Do you think just because there officers that they are any better
I have first hand knowledge that knows different
Oh and the ratings get drunk and pissed up but the officers only have what is known as high spirits

Steve Gilbert

Agree. I was a rating, senior rating and an officer in my career. Believe me, the ability to drink one too many and get into mischief was not monopolised by ratings. There, but for the grace of God, go I!!
The negative press mentioned isn’t news and the positive story above presents a pretty good reflection of what our servicemen and women are really about. That goes for the US servicemen and women I’ve been privileged to meet also.

Douglas Reilly

Jacksonville is a Navy Town, so they tend to be fairly forgiving. No one there is foolish enough to judge the entire RN over the actions of a very few.

My youngest daughter is a officer there and said the ships company was very professional and courteous to the locals and left a very positive impression. . Sadly, most media is the US. Isn’t exactly pro Armed Forces-be they US or others.

All the best

Nick Bowman

This is a great story. I feel sorry for the idiots, though. It’s going to be a bitch getting keel-hauled in that ship…


Haha-the only siver lining is-as a new ship-no barnacles!! 🙂


These guys will be heros to them when they start their hurricane relief work on Thursday.


These guys will be heros to them when they start hurricane relief work thirsday

Gavin Gordon

Stikes me they were a bit too thirsday


Just another Red Coat invasion – thought we were done with those in 1812? 😀

On a serious note, wonder how Hurricane Florence is going to affect the test schedule? All the USMC (an other service’s) aircraft flushed out of harms way several days ago and if the bases are damaged this may setback the schedule for quite a piece…

Anyone know if the QE is going to return to a port outside of the cone?



Mayport and Patuxent are totally out of danger from Hurricane Florence so the QE is safe at Mayport Naval Station or Patuxent. But, there are two other hurricanes directly behind Florence and all bets are off as to where they will go.


(Chris H) QE has already left Mayport and is heading South East for warm water trials south of Florence’s track but given the intensity of Hurricane Isaac she may well stay in the Caribbean to assist RFA Mounts Bay

Given peoples homes and lives are at risk flight trials can wait a while longer.


She could actually wait it out at NAVSTA Guantanamo then proceed into the Carib but that would probably give the Cubans apoplexy…



(Chris H) Correction on my comment sourced from Twitter that she has left Mayport. She hasn’t. Apologies


Bob Harrington

Great story, and a big thank you to the sailors involved! …and now Her Majesty has a spycam in an unsuspecting Yank Honda! ;^} Welcome to the US, and here’s to successful trials!

Frank Dutton (ex-tiffy)

Well done those lads


Comments are great and nearly 100% pro _ never new there was a reference to us in the US declaration of independence either, ‘Enemies in war, but friends in peace ‘ nice bit of prose .


Mayport was my first ever deployment back in ’91 where the Ark royal looked like a tug boat next to the US carriers.

Then off to Cecil fields and dogfighting with the F18s at Cecil Fields.

Good time had by all

Ian Smith

If you can fix a skateboard then you can fix a 2007 Honda Fit.


There is unfortunately a lot of truth to the old line “It takes 8,004 atta boys to offset one aw sh _ t”. Really tough that the world at large almost never hears about the atta boys. It’s nice to see it happen for once. Well done, fellow Squids, well done indeed…………. 😉