An American Virginia class nuclear submarine is visiting HMNB Clyde at Faslane, near Glasgow.

The US Navy previously said that port visits “strengthen cooperation between the United States and United Kingdom”, and “demonstrate US capability, flexibility, and continuing commitment to NATO allies.”

The below image was captured by Sheila Weir, a maritime photographer based in the area. You can find her on Twitter here, I recommend you give her a follow.

The Virginia class is a class of nuclear-powered cruise missile-carrying fast-attack submarines. Designed by the General Dynamics Electric Boat and the Huntington Ingalls Industries, the Virginia class submarines are the US Navy’s primary undersea warfare platform incorporating stealth, intelligence gathering and comprehensive weapons systems technology.

The submarine is now berthed at HMNB Clyde. The base is sited at Faslane in the west of Scotland not far from Glasgow, one of Britain’s largest cities.

It’s one of three operating bases in the United Kingdom for the Royal Navy, the others being HMNB Devonport and HMNB Portsmouth. It is best known as the home of Britain’s nuclear weapons, in the form of nuclear submarines armed with Trident missiles.

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1 year ago

Really should erect a sign dockside something to the effect of “Short term Parking Only. Violators Will be Towed.” Just in case the USN has thoughts of sub-leasing (yeah, I know it’s a bad pun, but it’s end of day).